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After a grueling short week of school and dance, I can FINALLY get the break I need! And always being tired and not wanting to go to school can wear you down. #tiredgirl
Everyone loves an adorable cat 😍 haha mostly not haha cuz people think I’m an asshole, but you can’t win them all #bluehair #snapchatfilter #cat #girlswithtattoos #girlswholovemakeup #sosleep #tiredgirl
Lily is beat after trying to keep up with her two girls Lou Lou AND Ripley for the last few days. I don’t think she was sad to see Lou Lou head back to ATL today. She hasn’t left my bed either where she knows Ripley can’t get to her....yet! 😂 #lily #tiredgirl #sleepy #flattie #flatcoatedretriever
Came home from work last night after 7. Couldn't find Meg. I found her in the dark in the office like this. #tiredgirl #freshman #apclassesareexhausting
Tonight is just one of those nights where I cannot sleep at all .... 😴😴 Anybody else having this issue?? 🤔 Oh well ... I'm just going to watch a ton of YouTube and maybe write another blog post ... anybody have any ideas??
#tbt to life before #cfs
Now, 3years 1child and a chronically debilitating illness later, summer is around the corner and I'm determined to get my family back under sail again.

Im thinking if I can plan and prep the crap out the day, avoid any unnecessary energy wasting activities then I can get my #tiredgirl out on the water with us.
Because... what's the point in being the Dread Pirate Roberts if there's no Buttercup.


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