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The perception of possibility is provoked toward purpose and not pretense when practise is pursued with passion and patience.

Please see the schedule or Contact us for inquiries.

Practise. Practise. Practise. The key to refining and mastering any artform and discipline.

We Are holding Yoga Classes and Therapies here in Hoi An in collaboration with A Luminary Life, when we are not teaching we are practising to give you the best of what we want to share.
Check the Website for schedules and classes and treatments, and also check the facebook group for daily updates.
See you on the beach, around town or at the centre.
Dancing With Dharma *Closing the eyes to a life of Maya and allowing such blindness to discover the true dance of life.* Http://

Music : V.F.M Style - Indian Desert
From Tjejmilen, Sweden’s largest sports event for women. Start groups getting ready for 10K.

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