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Happy 5th Birthday to my cheeky little devil Charisma. I honestly don't know what I would've done without her company over these years #malteseshihtzu #dogsofinstagram #5yearsold #timegoestoofast
Take care of your #moments, they are one of the few things which never come back ⏳
#tbt #ireland #cong 2013. We loved @ashfordcastle so much, we went back twice that year: August and Xmas! I want to go back.
1) #lough corrib borders the castle, and from the grounds you can get Low by the water and see the full #castle. This #leica photo crops funny because of this dopey iOS. Apple really missed Steve Jobs....
2) a tiny 9-Yr old @josephinelis meets a tiny #hawk
3) I always liked this pic, as Josie chatters away and the bird deadpans, “that’s a good one”
4) #niceteethbro
5) we go to hold dingle the #owl - the apex predator in the aviary. All the other #birds hated him and conspired to take him down. No lie.
6) dingle’s massive #wingspan engulfs Josie as we flew him. #socool
7-8) again, these won’t resize for IG but I love them: Josie’s reaction as the hawk returns to her glove. Fun facts: this is a #harrishawk and it weighs around 1.5-2 lbs, and can achieve a dive speed of around 120 mph! The fastest in the world is the peregrine falcon, whose dives surpass 150mph, far faster than the cheetah! We got to see a bit of this, as our naughty hawks decided to dive bomb a mom walking with a stroller, while her husband walked their small dog. The hawks teamed up and terrorized this family, chasing them down a path and smacking the dog around a bit. The fear was that the hawks’ tendon sheath would lock onto prey, like a small dog. It’s very hard to unlock once their talons are into something. It was pretty cool to see, like, for us, anyway. Our poor falconer has to chase the birds down and lure them back... the family just ran! The #owl was mega cool - Completely silent but forceful and massive. Unforgettable the way the wind rushed after it; magical creature.
#nofilter #timegoestoofast
At 18 and 16 years old I have two amazing young men I'm blessed to call my sons. I miss them at these younger ages but excited to see what life has in store for them moving forward. Also, I'm so gonna make them lay down with me this Christmas Eve so I can read 'twas the night before Christmas again #boys #myboys #love #sons #dontgrow #timegoestoofast #father #ugh
If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything you want!
This is prob my fav part of our day. I usually try to nap with Grey during his morning nap. Depending on how our night went, I'll join him for his afternoon nap as well. I know all the books and experts say to put him in his crib for his naps. Don't let him get used to sleeping on you. Teach him to self-soothe, blah blah blah. If there's one thing I've learned in the last 10 months, it's that time goes wayyyy to fast. There's gonna come a time when he doesn't wanna cuddle Momma. There's gonna be a time when our beautiful pup Piper won't be there for a snuggle. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. And maybe I'm all mushy because in 2 months I'll have a 1year old, but gonna say [email protected]#& it to the books and experts. I'm gonna soak up every moment I have with these two while I have the the opportunity too 💕 #greysongeoffrey #piper #myloves #mommysbeingmushy #timegoestoofast #soakitup #enjoythemoment #everythingelsecanwait
세월이 참 빠르다고 느끼는 요즘
이 사진이 벌써 14년전이라니ㅎㅎ
20대 초반의 나와
아직 30대 중반이었을 콜
그리고 꼬꼬마 급식충 제이슨데이ㅋㅋ
#hillscollege #jimboomba
#jasonday @reardon.luke
My #middlechild has her #primaryschool interview today. She is 4yo and is smashing it. I can't believe she is at this stage, it's such a #cliche but #timegoestoofast and #theyareonlylittleforalittlewhile
Super proud of my little #hurricanezanzi

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