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When Two Unite It Should Be Forever. These Two Are Tied With Eachother..Forever. ⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬⚬#redwoods #armstrongwoods #naturebeauty #naturephotography #beautiful #photography #tiedtogether
Será que existe dress code para ocasiões mais formais? A polêmica do look para um casório é o nosso tema de hoje no blog. Acesse: #moda #fashion
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So excited about these amazing chokers ❤️ $10 each. Pattern part is 10-1/2 inches long and the leather to tie is between 12-15 inches long on each side. Grab yours before I sell out #tiedtogether
Together's core product uses 90% less water than it's traditional counterparts & our printing process is zero waste & doesn't use water. 🔥🌎🔥🌍🔥🌎🔥 According to the World Bank, 20% of water pollution globally is caused by textile processing.
This is causing significant prenatal, mental and physical health problems for the clothing industry workers, who make up 1/6th of the world's population. 🌎💚🌎💚🌎Making textiles is also a water-intensive business. Producing a pair of jeans requires about 1,800 gal of water; a T-shirt takes 700 gal. Treating such large volumes of waste water is costly—if it is treated at all.🏭⏰🏭⏰🏭⏰🏭The textile industry uses more than 8,000 chemicals to make the 400 billion m2 of fabric sold annually around the world. Many are toxic and persist in the environment. They include heavy-metal-rich dyes and fixing agents, bleaches, solvents, and detergents. #SaveOurWater #ToxicWaste #FastFashionNation #TextileDesign #WhoMadeMyClothes #ItsCoolToCare #FashionCrisis #FashionPolice #ToxicCloset #Fashun
#HerbieHancock album Head Hunters cover circa 70's featuring the classic jazz fusion #chameleon. Next art piece given to me by a beautiful collector of African pieces..#artmeetsmusic #tiedtogether #art #africa

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