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User Image chanel_letstalk_womantowoman Posted: Mar 17, 2018 1:51 PM (UTC)

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You are who you surround yourself with. Iron sharpens iron and birds of a feather... you know the rest lol But if I’m headed to greatness so are you! Good morning ☀️ #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #LetsTalkMyBrothaLetsTalk #TALK #TIALK
User Image chanel_letstalk_womantowoman Posted: Mar 10, 2018 3:36 AM (UTC)

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Catch me TONIGHT!!! LIVE On the amazing Paula G Voice late night show ‘The Quiet Storm’ with the wonderful Jerry Royce Live talking with the stupendous gospel recording artist Dwayne Gott he works for his Bishop Hezekiah Walker in the NY!! Don’t miss tonight’s interview!!! It’s going to be SPECTACULAR and I can’t wait!!!! 😁😊 #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #LetsTalkMyBrothaLetsTalk #TALK #TIALK
Never mind the haters. Stay focused on your business, your success will really give them something to hate 😉😘 #Mindset #Focus #Forward #Onward #Upward #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #LetsTalkMyBrothaLetsTalk #TALK #TIALK
User Image chanel_letstalk_womantowoman Posted: Feb 20, 2018 7:09 PM (UTC)

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Good morning everybody! 😃 TONIGHT we have a special treat for you on Let's Talk TALK SHOW and eLATION Radio LIVE! Tonight at 7pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME we have a wonderful special guest the intelligent, the creative, the motivating, the AWESOME woman of God @mckissackcassandra joining us tonight!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 THIS Woman here has done MANY great things that and is now publishing a BOOK 📚!!! TRULY this woman is on the path to greatness and we can’t WAIT to hear her story and fund out what she’s doing! I’m telling you all KEEP UP with this woman here! You’ll see her SOON everywhere you LOOK! Lol so join us TONIGHT at 7pm CENTRAL! Just call the number in the flyer and we’ll see you TONIGHT!!!! #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK