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#thriftscorebooklist Although, these came from a Little Free Library. Have you read either of these? What did you think?
I cut back significantly on the #thriftscorebooklist when I got a library card a few years ago because I am drowning in books as it is (and now I am drowning in library books but at least they go back to where they came from). But I gave Rule of the Bone away to a little free library during a purge and then regretted it because that's a damn fine book and I want to read it again. [I have enjoyed all of his books but this one is the best. Plus, SPOILER, it ends in Dominica and part of the book takes place in Jamaica and in a strange way I could see it being a part of my Self-appointed Caribbean Lit course.] Davin picked up Ways of Seeing but I will read it too.
I bought "Beth Chatto's Gravel Garden" at the thrift store for $3. I began reading with anticipation, eager to read about a garden much like my own, which I call The Dry Bed Garden. And what is the very nearly first thing that I read? ...That they began by "killing the car-worn grass with glyphosate." Aka Roundup. 👎 🖕#thriftscorebooklist
#thriftscorebooklist It's been awhile... Always yes to Russell Banks. "Rule of the Bone" is very good.
#thriftscorebooklist Got it from a little free library on the way here. Turns out I already have it so I'll just pop it into another box on the way back. #gaylareadsbooks
Been a long time since I did a #thriftscorebooklist because I've been cutting back. But I couldn't resist the Carson McCullers because, WHOA embroidered cover and the Jim Harrison because it was only this morning that I read he had died.
Been ages since I did a #thriftscorebooklist Got these yesterday, although Davin chose Ready Player One. The Natural Foods Cookbook is from 1961. I'm a big fan of Dionne Brand's beautiful prose and was happy to find this book. I grabbed the writing book because it looked good and I opened it up right to a quote from Margaret Atwood, "Blank pages inspire me with terror."
Broke my rule about finishing a novel before starting another and started in on this at lunchtime because I couldn't resist. 3 chapters in and I'm so glad I gave in. She's such a wonderful writer and there is so much about her story and her relationship with her mother that resonates with me. A lot is different, too, but the similarities are shocking. I've underlined half of what I read! I'm so grateful to writers like her who tell the stories I need to read. From page 5 "It's why I am a writer -- I don't say 'decided' to be, or 'became'. It was not an act of will if even a conscious choice. To avoid the narrow mesh of Mrs Winterson's story I had to be able to tell my own. Part fact part fiction is what life is. And it is always a cover story. I wrote my way out." #writers #writing
Itching to start reading this book (the plot sounds perfect for me right now) that I picked up from a Little Free Library box on tonight's dog walk, even though I stated not 10 minutes ago that I am not allowed to start a new novel until I finish the one I recently started. #thriftscorebooklist
An exceptionally good #thriftscorebooklist The Artists' and Writers' Cookbook from 1961. Recipes by writers, artists, etc. Great type, illustration, wit... @langueverte you will love it.
#thriftscorebooklist Although, I got this from a Little Free Library box and not the thrift store but...
#thriftscorebooklist I need someone to slap my hand the next time I approach the book section at the thrift store. I put one back, but I just couldn't leave these! I'll read anything by Joan Didion and I don't care if that makes me a cliche; Russell Banks won my respect with Rule of the Bone; just learned about Canadian short story writer Mavis Gallant two days ago and now she's popping up everywhere I look!
So a couple weeks ago I found what I've hunted for every time I've been in an antique / thrift store. I now have in my possession a first edition copy of The Little White Bird by J.M. Barrie, aka, the book where my favorite literary character EVER, Peter Pan, is introduced! Best find ever? Yes, I think so! #thriftscorethursday #selfie #thriftscore #wemakecollective #foundforaged #thriftstore #thriftscorebooklist #peterpan #littlewhitebird #jmbarrie #jamesmatthewbarrie #book #novel #fiction #literature #fictionalcharacters #antique #antiques #vintage #firstedition #1stedition #thriftstorefinds #fleamarket #onthehunt #buriedtreasure
Photograph of one of my favourite writers, Jamaica Kincaid, in her garden. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. It's been a longterm dream to one day interview and photograph her. #thriftscorebooklist I added this to the #GBfling group because she is a writer that I sorely neglected to mention when asked about favourite garden writers. I've recommended My Garden (Book) many, may times.