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O M G go follow @onedirection_ismydrug now!! Cool pictures and an absolutely extraordinharry fanfic! #thisislove1d :D
Read this one fanfic!!!!! It's So beautiful! Please go read it directioners! Fanfic by: @onedirection_ismydrug
I know Louis doesn't like people calling him gay, but I just had to post this.:) Oh and read @onedirection_ismydrug s fanfic #thisislove1d, it's AMAZAYN! EXTRAORDINHARRY! PHOENOMINIALL! BRILLIAM! And last but not least FABLOUIS!:D
Do u like fanfics??! Then go follow @onedirection_ismydrug and read her amazinnngggg fanfic! To get to the story easier, go search it's tag! #thisislove1d ! Go now!