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User Image spicykeys Posted: Jan 16, 2018 5:20 PM (UTC)
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Are you fucking kidding me Instagram. 😒😒😠😡
Write out a caption and it doesnt even post. 😒😒😒😒
Does that make anyone else irritated AF? Just me? K. #shortfuse
Guess just watch me struggle and move around. 💁💁 #iguess.
Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat, 14min #EMOM and a 14min #AMRAP to kick off the week. (Last video is 2x-speed)
#thinkhappythoughts #strugglebus #girlswholift #barbellbabes #redefineyourself #iifymwomen #strongwomen #trusttheprocess #embracethesuck #killthequit #highlyaggressive #progressnotperfection #crossfit #thisishowilive #ilive #follow #strengthofmind #strengthtraining #strongnotskinny #notyourcompetition #grrrlarmy
User Image pskingofangels Posted: Jan 16, 2018 2:17 AM (UTC)
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Rear lateral cable pulls, raise the ex to the top to focus more on your rear delta as opposed to our lats. #nofilter #raw #thisishowilive #live #fnxfit @fnx_fit discount code in my bio #redefineyourself
User Image tante.chris Posted: Jan 15, 2018 8:54 AM (UTC)

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What an amazing day to an amazing home. Monserrat is a paradise and feast for the eyes. So glad we attempted the walk through the Fern Valley at this age and didn’t try it in another twenty. Wholly agree that Sintra as an entire area is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Wow wow and wow #myinspiredlife #thisishowilive #livelifebeautifully #lifelivedbeautifully #sintra #sirthomascook #monserrat #portugalholiday #unescoworldheritagesite
User Image erinmarron Posted: Jan 15, 2018 5:35 AM (UTC)

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Here I am. At the halfway point of my Whole30. I’m already getting noticed for my flat belly 😃. It definitely has deflated and I’m not feeling bloated anymore. I feel amazing today and I’m getting ready for the ‘tiger blood’ to come into full effect which I am excited about because this past week has been exhausting.
Last week was a big challenge for me. I had unexpected drs visit and an emergency root canal (my first RC and I still have to go back to get the crown 😫) which has overall put me into stress mode. The thought of giving up came to mind, but I reminded myself why I started this reset to begin with.
I’ve done the whole30 once and I loved the end results and it overall changed me forever. I feel like this time around it’s totally different. My goal is to have a better relationship with foods. I want to control the food that I eat and not let it control me. Emotional eating is a hard habit to break and I was put through the test A LOT this month already.

I want to share what has helped me survive for the last 15 days: 🍴When stress comes into play, the brain tends to look for sweets. I know when I think this way it’s not the sweets I’m looking for it’s some type of connection. The strategy that works for me is to find some distraction (go stretch, go on social media, something!) So far this has been working for me.
🍴Day 5 in this book is probably my favorite advice so far: if you are tempted to use, tell someone. The vary idea of the conversation may make the urge disappear. Tell someone who is supporting your journey you are about to abandon your whole30. Wait for the response before you take that bite. This method is used for people who are treated for addiction and it’s pretty powerful.
🍴I tell myself that I CHOOSE to not eat certain foods rather than tell myself I CAN’T. Telling myself ‘I can’t have pizza or I can’t have cookies’ just really pisses me off. Like I will bite your head off of you tell me what I can’t have! This may sound crazy, but telling yourself ‘ I choose to not have a cookie’ after dinner really makes me feel better and more in control about the situation.
BTW-This book is awesome!
User Image jaettefin Posted: Jan 14, 2018 7:21 AM (UTC)

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One of my favorite places. And already today I miss sitting and reading while preparing the boxes for the moving van. #bücherliebe #solebich #homeiswheretheheartis #latergram #newbeginnings #thisishowilive #myhomeismycastle #atmine
User Image pskingofangels Posted: Jan 14, 2018 12:09 AM (UTC)
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Only you can define you and determine when it is time I make a change, be come better and contantly progress I stay driven, and disciplined and work ethic that is a above reproach always... you define who you are if your working from the right place you will always be successful in our endeavors...I am FNX Fit. @fnx_fit @adrianconway_ #hardlooks #hardbody #fitlifestyle #thisishowilive #live #getshitdone #royal #blueyes #fitness #doubletap #instagood #instagrambodybuilding #revive #mividaloca #hardbodyangel #angelking #swole #dream
User Image cassen_martin Posted: Jan 13, 2018 6:23 PM (UTC)

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Measure, observe, repeat. This was a #metcon I did a year ago to this day. Previously I did this with a 25kg #kettlebell and today I retested this with 32kg. Original time 9:36 now 5:13 this was a huge improvement in my posterior chain not to mention I haven’t done a lot of aerobic training since then, just a lot of strength training.
5 rounds for time:
15 Russian kettle bell swings
10 goblet squats

I don’t do American kettlebell swings mainly because of shoulder impingement.
If your looking for a sweet deal on supplements go to and use my promo code: CASEIN at checkout to save some 💰💰💰.
#kettlebell #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellswings #kettlebellcomplex #kettlebellwarrior #kettlebellgym #russiankettlebellswings #americankettlebellswing #gobletsquats #posteriorchain #resistancecardio #itsallinthehips #garagegym #homegym #whathidesinthedarkcomestothelight #fnx #teamfnx #fnxbrandambassador #letslive #redefineyourself #thisishowilive
User Image norrislo Posted: Jan 13, 2018 1:35 PM (UTC)

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Always remember what is important; then easily let go of the rest.

It’s almost irrecoverable after a faith or a trust is gone.
#seascape #bythesea #wanderlust #liveinthewild #betrue #thisishowilive #finditliveit #movingthroughopenspace
User Image adrianconway_ Posted: Jan 12, 2018 10:15 PM (UTC)

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User Image tante.chris Posted: Jan 12, 2018 5:51 PM (UTC)

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Not a bad room with a view. Sitting out on the terrace and greeted by a black cat within 5 minutes of arrival. This is my kind of city. I wonder if those rocks just all happened to be exactly there? #myinspiredlife #thisishowilive #naturephotography #lisboa #corkforest #ilovemyhusband #natureisbeautiful #holiday #longweekend #livelifebeautifully #lifelivedbeautifully #thesimplelife #theartofslowliving
User Image adrianconway_ Posted: Jan 11, 2018 3:37 PM (UTC)

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#tbt to @thewodapalooza last year! Hard to believe #alijahjames wasn’t out and about yet! How time flies! Best of luck to the competitors this year! Soak up that Miami beautiful weather for the Conway’s!
@fnx_fit @reebok @brute.strength
#fitness #fitnessmotivation #resedefineyourself #ilive #thisishowilive
User Image norrislo Posted: Jan 11, 2018 1:37 PM (UTC)

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I never thought of having a dream.
Somehow I’ve never thought a dream would come true, so having a dream as an idea itself has never come to my mind.
I always believe life will guide me to where I should be and contentment comes along the way.
I am very easy to be content, yet hardly at ease.
I thought I was never adventurous; that it would be most comfortable to stay in the status quo.
Things don’t usually go this way, however.
Everything changes all too fast, and that’s why I can hardly be at ease.
Despite the emotions and discomfort, life goes on and on.
There is no choice of ending.
And I don’t see how I will end peacefully, or happily.
It’s awful, but because I know it’s all about myself; there is no excuse.
Succumb to silence thereafter.

#stateofmind #wanderlust #finditliveit #livethelittlethings #thisishowilive #rusticlife #betrue #bythesea
User Image adrianconway_ Posted: Jan 10, 2018 10:10 PM (UTC)

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Strong and lean in 2018?? Lots have that on their list of goals or at least something like that! Here is a list of things you must do better to get there! Check the link in my bio!
@fnx_fit #thisishowilive #redefineyourself

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