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iseeaimee 118w ago
I've got a blank space, baby. ◻️ All weekend long @ponderossa and I have been drawing schematics and visiting hardware stores and one too many IKEA trips later, we're almost there. 🔜🔜🔜
iseeaimee 117w ago
A work in progress, in every sense of the word AKA the thing we've been working on and building for the past few days. Also those who have been in my apartment back on Ossington might see something familiar. #screengrabofamodernwoman
iseeaimee 115w ago
Yesterday @ponderossa and I had our first visitor to use our shared working space home office. Verdict? She got shit done. Come thru, fam. @emanmakeup is here right now. It's a work in progress (literally and figuratively). We need to get an original @amberibarreche or @baronvonfancy up in here. 💁🏻#screengrabofamodernwoman
iseeaimee 114w ago
Apparently it's #nationalbookloversday, which is ironic because I just picked up this new brilliant book by Peter Thiel on Friday and haven't put it down yet. His thoughts on starting something new versus just creating more of the same is enlightening -- and despite the mention of startups on the cover, it's not really about that as books on startups are often so unnecessary or obnoxious. It's also the first book I think I'll have finished in way too long. Next up? A book by Noah Kagan. #publishingsnotdead
iseeaimee 112w ago
This is a @jacbeale AirDrop: beach waves, laptops, and nails. 🌊💻💅🏽#screengrabofamodernwoman
milli0ns 268w ago
This will not be a shot in the music video we are shooting. #thirdstreetworks @gein_off
milli0ns 273w ago
This is apparently what legendary wine makers look like. #burgundy #burgundyrockstar