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I just returned from the 2nd of two monthly volunteer yoga classes I teach for women inmates.
As I was walking across the yard to the facility where the classes are held, a good number of women were outside. It's a beautiful day today and undoubtedly, those who could went outside - including some of the women who normally come to class. I waved to one of the students and then heard another woman say, "That's the yoga lady." That made me smile so big. It felt....on purpose.
I ended up only having one student in class, but as my fellow yoga teachers know - we are not to get committed to the number. We show up to serve and we give our best to who decides to step on the mat with us. The classes always work out as they should, and as it turns out, this particular student wanted more challenge than I normally teach. So, we took it up a notch and I got to spend time helping her improve her Chaturanga, one of my most favorite postures to teach 1:1. Especially when you can add blocks to help with the shoulders (this facility allows blocks and blankets). When all was said and done, the student was so grateful to have had the whole class to herself. We were alone in the room, but the COs were right outside the door with walkie-talkies that are constantly blaring with static-filled noise. But even so, a space was created where it was just a yoga teacher and her student. And there was nothing else for those 50 minutes that we worked together. I left out feeling so good and so grateful.

I am proud to be "the yoga lady." And I'm thankful this journey chose me. This is why I yoga. 🙏🏽💜📿
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User Image brianaredmond Posted: Jul 31, 2017 7:48 PM (UTC)

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✨The Yoga Lady✨ "The ability to maintain balance depends on information that the brain receives from the eyes, the muscles and joints, and the vestibular organs in the inner ear."
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User Image therealkandilady Posted: Apr 2, 2016 3:42 PM (UTC)

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#TheYogaLady I turned 31 today!!!!! And I feel awesome!! So to you 20 year olds I think I look DAMN good to be 31 mmk?? #BOOM (For those who read too much into that post yesterday about me being fat LOL) #KandiKindaSnatched #iStillGotMoreWeightToLose #ButSheGoodTho #BirthdayGirl #SheWon #YerrpsCoHost #LeisureLady
User Image itsjuliachild Posted: Mar 22, 2016 11:31 PM (UTC)

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User Image huneyandlavender Posted: Mar 6, 2015 2:46 PM (UTC)

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Be present. Focus, Solely on the task at hand. Allow yourself to be consumed by the moment. If it's washing dishes, be fully aware. Your hands in the water, soap, warmth. If it's having tea with a friend, be fully aware. Lock eyes, connect, listen. If it's on the mat, be fully aware, each movement, breath, and sensation. #BePresent Love each moment of your life. Light|Dark and all the transitions between the two ✌️
User Image huneyandlavender Posted: Mar 6, 2015 2:54 PM (UTC)

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Gearing up for Full Moon energy. This #CareGiver is about to start her work week on #NightShift a lil #forearmbalance and inner #focus to set the mood. It's not TGIF It's IITY (Is it Tuesday yet) 👊
User Image huneyandlavender Posted: Mar 6, 2015 2:56 PM (UTC)

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Don't let yourself be weighed down, negative thoughts and patterns are heavy man. #LetitGo #BeLight
User Image huneyandlavender Posted: Mar 5, 2015 2:13 PM (UTC)

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Happy Moon Day 🌕 Yoga is 99% Practice 1% Theory #PRACTICEALLISCOMING