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True love is when the boy love the girl more,,,not the oppositess...
Hard when you have to KEEP on guessing what people feeling towards you...
There are someday that someone will do anything just to KEEP your feeling towards them...
If you met that person,,,lock them with headlock,,,and be happy 4 ever(cehhh)...
Anyone that wants love advice can dm me...
Don't worry i'm not promote break up...^-^..
Love you so so so much brad..
連続投稿ごめんね〜〜 ラスト動画〜〜.
①②③ SadSong❤😭
④ MOTN🌚🌝.
⑤ shadeson😎🍑💦💦.
⑥Risk it all🌥
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Halloween 2.0 1/4
"A haunted house? Really?" Luke questioned, raising an eyebrow at you. "Oh come on it'll be fun, it can just be the two of us so if you piss you're pants only I'll have it for black mail. "And what would you need black mail for?" Luke said, his eyes opening wide at you from across the table. "I don't know you tell me." You replied, laughing at his facial expression. "Alright, fine I'll go." Luke said, rolling his eyes while getting up from the table to go get ready. "Why does that house have to be so creepy?" You said sheepishly. "Don't tell me your scared." Luke chuckled out, trying to swallow his own anxiety. "Shut up." You replied gently pushing him. As soon as you walked into the dark house you could feel your stomach drop, you knew something was going to jump out at you and you wanted to be prepared. What you weren't prepared for was Luke screaming like a small child and actually jumping behind you. "I'm not a sacrifice you little snitch." You told Luke off, shrugging his arms away from you. "Want some candy?" A man dressed as a clown jumped out at you. Luke once again screamed and smashed his body into the wall opposite of the clown, "I'd love some, thank you." You took some candy, not even fazed as you ate it and threw the wrapper out in a conveniently placed trash can. "Are you scared at all?" You heard Luke wrasp out, as he clung onto your hand. "Not really, although I'm starting to worry you might jump on me." You joked, turning the corner seeing someone dressed as a grim reaper running up the hall. "May I suggest a wardrobe change? Maybe going a few shades lighter in your outfit will make people come to you more." You told them, watching as Luke tried to get behind you, even though there was almost a foot in height difference between the two of you. "Thank god, its over." Luke said, putting his hand over his heart, feeling it race. You had reached the last hallway with the door in sight, but three feet away from it a zombie jumped out of a dark spot and hovered over you. You almost couldn't hear Luke scream this time due to how high pitched it was, and you could feel him basically leap onto your back, (Comments)
Don't take it personal
But , personally ,
I think you'd be better with somebody like me
But , worst of all ,
You don't even see #personal by @thevamps #thevamps

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