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Our last show of the year is a week from today! I have only a few tickets left. This is also doubling as a halloween show, so come out dressed up as your favorite Homestar Runner character!
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Throwback to one of the first shows I lit! The Ugly One at the Alma Tavern: Directed by Sarah Bradley, Designed by Natasha Mortimer, lights by me.
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❤️Transformation Tuesday ❤
In every single one of these photos and so many before and after these, I thought I was FAT!!! How the fuck could I ever think that of myself … even now? Why did I think that my worth was in the way that I looked? Why did I care so much? Why did I do everything to try and be “skinnier” and not love my body the way it was regardless!? It’s sick and very scary to think back on how terrible and destructive my body image issue was. •

It’s still something I struggle with but DEFINITELY nowhere near the level it was!!! I’m thankful for coming as far as I have away from that. I’m thankful that I’m HEALTHY now. I’m thankful that I understand and respect myself enough to KNOW that the younger me needed a slap in the face with reality and a LOT MORE SELF LOVE ❤ •

I wasn’t alone in these thoughts. Still not. I know lots of girls who have gone through the same thing esp in high school. I felt “fat” as early as elementary school. Share below, did you or your friends feel this way once too?
ÇİRKİN 5 Ekim’de prömiyer yapıyor. Diğer oyun tarihleri 6-8-29-30 Ekim

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My people. ❤️🍷🎉 Celebrating our little miss Meliss. From 9th grade shenanigans to adulting so hard, I'll love you forever. #girlsquad #mybloodhurts #gogrowlbacks #ashbash #theuglyone #soulmates @hellowhitters @melissymelikey @sb_atch