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We had dinner at @tajgurugram last night and tasted some of the best Thai cuisine it has to offer. Thai Pavilion has been recognised as a Thai Select Premium restaurant by the Embassy of Thailand which shows the authenticity of the cuisine the Chefs have to offer.

The dishes here are Pla Rad Prik, deep fried John Dory in a Thai chili sauce; Moo Prik Deang, stir fried pork with a basil infused spicy curry; Dimsum Kai, chicken mince in a potato starch wrapper; Koong Namprik, butterfly tiger prawns in a spicy chili based sauce.
The highlight of the dinner was Thapthim Krop, one of the most famous Thai desserts which is made of cubes of 'water chestnut' in syrup coated with red food coloring. This dessert is known as "pomegranate seeds" or "rubies" because of its appearance and is usually eaten with coconut milk and crushed ice.

Thai Pavilion plays with your senses and satisfies all of them with it's delectable culinary offerings. The beautifully upscale property is situated diagonally opposite to Huda City Centre Metro and is easily noticeable from moving traffic.
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User Image chef_de_cuisine18 Posted: Dec 11, 2017 11:17 AM (UTC)
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There is this place near Besant Nagar beach that serves 100 types of Dosas. It's a small joint situated in a one-room outlet near Murugan Idly shop and Milkyway ice-cream.

We tried the Pizza dosa. The base is your normal dosa batter that is cooked extra crisp, topped with peas, corn, cabbage, onion, tomato and mashed with an in-house sauce and some olive oil.

Unlike a traditional dosa which is served folded this one is served open garnished with cheese, coriander and spring onion. It tastes amazing and is a must try if you are near Bessie beach. Most of the dosas are under 100 rupees while some exotic ones like the pizza dosa will be under 200. Worth it.
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User Image glitterdayz Posted: Dec 9, 2017 11:58 AM (UTC)
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Best day ever! Hung out with 11 elephants, including one 2 year old baby! 💜🐘🐘🐘 #elephantsanctuary #elephantjunglesanctuary #elephants #elephantday #thailandadventure
User Image rebeccabathory Posted: Dec 7, 2017 9:29 PM (UTC)

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In Surbaya Indonesia I awoke at 2am to drive in a 4x4 get to the top a mountain to watch the sunrise over Mt Bromo. In the freezing cold we waited for 2 hours, but mist engulfed the view and we walked away sad.

We continued down the mountain, I just hoped I would get a glimpse of Mt Bromo before we left, luckily It cleared by about 8am and as we reached the bottom, I started running around in the volcanic sand taking photos. It was a little strange as some black sand began to fall from the sky and land on my face, a strange feeling with the sun beating down.

I would then continue the journey up to the crater of Mt Bromo, an active volcano that last erupted 5 years ago. It claimed the life of someone and another girl when she got altitude sickness from climbing it. I jumped on the back of a white horse and we climbed up the mountain. The black sand began falling fast on my skin, leaving the horse I climbed the last part by foot, it was a steep ascent and I was breathless. At this stage the sand began to form layers on my skin, it got in my eyes I felt calm though, there were others ascending so I continued with them.

Reaching the top I became face to face with a huge crater full of black smoke, inside a massive rumbling noise and the smoke kept billowing out. I literally stood there in pure awe I kept saying out loud. Wow! Wow!! This is unreal. Me and others took photos of it and of each other, we didn't feel unsafe at this stage. I have videos capturing these special moment of pure elation and videos where I'm saying how incredible it is.

The black sand had formed an inch thick layer on things. I began to feel a bit un easy, it was spitting with rain slightly and mud covered me, in my hair, clothes and skin. I had a huge dilemma whether I should take my expensive camera out or not with so much sand. But how could I not capture it for this book? I did it as quickly as possible. I could sense danger, the black smoke was raising higher and higher and then terrifying drifting towards me and the couple left at the top. It was this point we realised we shouldn't be there, I packed very quickly and we went back down incredibly fast.

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