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An easy 5 miles, and no hip pain! 🙌🏻 .
Even though it has been ridiculously cold already, I’m just glad to be running on clear, dry pavement still! 🏃🏼‍♀️
I’m spending the next couple of months base-building and trying to maintain as much fitness through the winter as I can. There’s nothing particularly exciting or noteworthy about these miles, but they definitely help lay the foundation for races down the road and my big, dream goal of a #sub3 marathon some day! ✨
Strength is more than building muscle. Getting strong physically means putting in the work. It can be a mental game. Gotta show up, gotta push, sometimes gotta fail, but always gotta get back up. Get mentally strong - set your sights on your goals - then go do the work. Thanks @shiraone_fitness for including me on this photo shoot for @ignitebk! 📷: @markkuroda

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When you finish Pilates in the morning and feel bendy and fresh af, you breeze into brunch because you deserve it. 💁 -
Vid: @pixellpete
Post-run acai bowl 😊 After 2 weeks of terrible, awful, atrocious weather, and absolutely no running, it was fantastic to see the sun again and get those legs moving!! 🙌🕺🏃 #acai #acaibowl #acaibrothers #postrun #breakfast #cacao #delicious #sunshine #running #runnergirl #instarunners #runnerscommunity #girlswhorun #laufen #garminau #thesweatlife #beautifulday #weekend #weekendrunning
Feeling so incredibly happy and inspired after a perfect class with this morning. ❤️ If you missed out, there's one more chance to get your Power Flow on this arvy at 5pm with yours truly! See you on the mat! x @radiantsolyoga
Check this article out 💪🏻.....perfect timing as we have a RISE 101 TRX class tomorrow with Allison at 3️⃣pm. Sign up online or on our App. We would 💜 to see you there! #allcoreallthetime #trx #suspensiontraining #pippa #riseglenellyn
our journey is about being more deeply involved in life & yet less attached to it - ram dass
ironman world championships training started today.... [for volunteering at the water & nutrition aid station] #highvibeslowmaintenance
zi·on (noun)
1. the heavenly city or kingdom of heaven (christianity)
2. a land of future promise or return from exile (judaism)
3. utopian place of unity, peace and freedom (rastafari)
Couple shoutouts here! Big thank you to @areese410 for an awesome class hosted at @cyclebarberkeley! @stac_ie set it up to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Make sure to check out Cyclebar with Alex, you won’t regret it!
Friends that hold you up(sidedown) are dope. Find them & then step on them, to get a leg up in life👣 🤣 Kidding, only in yoga! Love em hard the rest of the time. Ps, YOU can get some solid instaworthy yoga pics in Sam’s garden! Check out my previous post for details!
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jlipose 15h ago
My motivational crew. 😍
Today, marathon #3 happened. And so did an opportunity to help a friend when his knee hurt so bad he wanted to quit... but he didn't. We ran 26.2 miles through KC, and I am so proud of @bryceslaughter for finishing his first marathon and @kschmidli16 for grabbing her half marathon PR. It's in these moments of pain and doubt that we must rely on each other, and know that you are never alone. Thank you to @kcmarathon, @garmin, to every single volunteer, to all of the kiddos handing out high fives, and every person who came out to cheer - you all carried us the distance. And a huge thank you to J and his mom for their support today, I am truly grateful. ❤️
8 weeks of following a workout program at home, and the transformation speaks for itself!
Scrawny ➡️ strong
Doubtful ➡️ confident
Dreading exercise ➡️ exercise is the highlight of my day. Are these changes you'd like to see for yourself? Because if I can do it, so can you- that's a promise 💜 DM for a plan to start your own transformation
Soaring through this beautiful weekend with love, light, and happiness! Happy Saturday yogis! Keep choosing to #liveyourpractice 🎃👻💚✨

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