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나도 부산국제영화제 데뷔!
두 편 모두 무슨 영화인지도 전혀 모르고 예매성공/양도받아서 오게 된 건데 나름 만족만족.
영화제 기간동안 마침 부산에서 일하는 중이라 이렇게 영화도 보고 좋았다.
근데 영화제에서 음식반입한다는 게 소름.
뒷 자리에 앉은 분 팝콘소리, 비닐소리, 캔음료수 따는 소리에 진짜 성질났다. 음식반입하는 멀티플렉스는 안다니는 사람으로서 오랜만에 심기불편했네😒

"If you fear, the animal will sense it. And if you try to escape, the animal will hunt you down. But if you remain perfectly still without moving a muscle, the animal might not notice you and you can hide in the hord safely aknowledge that someone else will be the prey." -
#thesquare #thesquaremovie
The second film screening of the weekend was the Watershed preview of The Square, winner of the Palme d’Or at this years Cannes Film Festival. The film, directed by Ruben Östlund,
succeeds in being both a satirical skewering of the contemporary art world and a surreal critic of modern 21st-century society. The film follows Christian, brilliantly played by Claes Bang, chief curator at a fictitious contemporary art centre in Stockholm where he is simultaneously attempting to stage and promote an ambitious new exhibition whilst also tracking down his stolen iPhone. The supporting cast is also excellent with Elisabeth Moss playing a visiting journalist and love interest to Christian, Dominic West as contemporary artist Julien and Terry Notary as performance artist Oleg, whose jaw-dropping twenty minute performance was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever seen on screen. This film is a must-see for any cinema or art buff
Having a great time at the Chicago Film Fest this weekend with Michael Kutza the founder of the festival. #thesquaremovie #platformproduktion #platformproduction
Årets Gullpalmevinner og Sveriges Oscarkandidat🏆, regissert av Ruben Östlund
Torsdagsfilm i samarbeid med Bodø Filmklubb🎥
#framkino #bodøfilmklubb #thesquaremovie #rubenostlund
One of the most beautiful theatres ❤️❤️❤️ in the Los Angeles area is a charming movie house called the Warner Grand. Located in San Pedro, it's truly a gem.

And this weekend and next, you are in for such a treat. The San Pedro International Film Fest is hosting a fantastic assortment of feature and short films. You can follow along at #SPIFFest2017.
Tonight at 7:00, you can see Palme d'Or winner, The Square. It's about a curator at an art museum facing an existential crisis and is a thought provoking look into how difficult it is to live up to our own ideals.

SPIFFest is brought to you by an amazing new breath freshener called Stay Cool that comes in variety of amazing flavors. Be sure to check out #STAYCOOL_USA and if you're at SPIFFest, be sure to take their flavor challenge! It's legit!
#Art.What we know about contemporary art?What is the place of art in our lives.How often we ask ourselves about it... Movie ''The Square'' of Ruben Ostlund is the winner of The Cannes movie festival 2017. And for my opinion, this director asking not  just about place of art in our lives.I think topics of his creation are deeper.They are about humanism in our society and about modern society at all.

Who else saw this movie?What you think about it?

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Кино на ночь. Браво, Рубен Эстлунд! Два с половиной часа абсолютного наслаждения🎥 Абсурдно, жёстко, честно, иронично. Кино, как зеркало, а зеркало у каждого своё. Гдыщ🎥 #movie #time #friday #mood #thesquaremovie #thesquare 👌👏👍📽📹

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