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Sonido, Colores, Stedicam, e Interpretación. Masterpiece. The Shining, Stanley. K (un pequeñito problema, no lo puedo terminar sóla)
sjfisk 5m ago
Im just waiting for two little girls to appear, asking me to play with them forever and ever 😣 #theshining #happyhalloween #london #teatumjones
Well after two long months of late nights and empty wallets I was able to get her on the road. Even took the ol lady to the drive in to watch some classics. #beetlejuice and #theshining.
I love The Shining. Yes I know Stephen King hates this adaption, but I like the movie better for three reasons, it's more entertaining, Stanley Kubrick, and Jack Nicholson. Jack alone makes this movie so good, mostly because it's Jack Nicholson, just being Jack Nicholson. I have a weird tradition, I watch this film every thanksgiving haha "I'm not going to hurt ya, I'm just going to bash your fucking brains in!" #theshining #theshiningmovie #stanleykubrick #stephenking #jacknicholson #horror #horrorfilms #films #movies

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