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User Image healingscents Posted: Jan 22, 2018 6:09 PM (UTC)

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The small, white, star-shaped jasmine flower (jasmine officinale)was used as an exotic fragrance and plant medicinal in ancient China and India for thousands of years. This precious flower came to Spain with the Moors, and its popularity grew through Europe and the Middle East. Today, Jasmine is cultivated in France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Japan and China, and is widely used as a medicinal in the form of essential oil. Jasmine oil is extracted by alcohol solvent, and the flowers are picked late at night during the time when the aroma is most intense. So, the oil you get in your essential oil is the most potent and powerful!
So, how does Jasmine essential oil benefit the mind/emotions/body? Here are just a few ways:
Skin Repair - Jasmine essential oil is known to reduce stretch marks and fade scars, including acne scars and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Emotional Support: Whenever you feel unloved, unsupported, disconnected and tired of it all, get your Jasmine oil. It removes that overwhelmed feeling, restores energy and vitality.
Pregnancy: Jasmine oil will be your best friend. Before, it helps with PMS symptoms, and relaxes the emotions and body, enhances libido, and balances hormones. During, it balances mood swings, nausea and fatigue, strengthens contractions during labor, and eases childbirth. After, it promotes the flow of breast milk, relieves post-natal depression, and gives you physical and emotional strength and vitality.

Tip: Mix about 10 drops of jasmine into your favorite oil or skin cream, and massage into your skin at night. You’ll find your skin is smooth, balanced and so soft!
Jasmine essential oil is a base note (stronger oil so use less in blends), and pairs well with Frankincense, Sandalwood, Spearmint, 
Helichrysum, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass.
User Image keauty.pi Posted: Jan 22, 2018 5:36 PM (UTC)

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@Regranned from @inner_senses_organics - .
AWAKENING MEDITATIVE Body & Pulse Point oil .
🌿A N X I E T Y is something that I struggle with. Like a few of my friends that I've made on here, chronic illness has been what triggers it. Today I've been in pain all day. I've felt dizzy all day and I've had the anxiety demon telling me that I'll probably die if the vertigo kicks in. Most pain killers don't touch the sides with the neck & head pain and pressure that I've had the last few days. What I really need is a jolly good neck and shoulder pummeling! The trouble is: I cannot drive when I feel woozy... it's simply not safe - and even worse, I get anxious just thinking about trying to lay and have a massage 😣
I've looked at this oil on the @inner_senses_organics website a million times and today I just thought, sod it. I'm not really supposed to be spending on 'frivolities' B U T I actually, in all seriousness feel like this is a necessity.
I'm the first person to tell someone to look after themselves. To do something for them. So, today I choose to do something for myself.
My little pea brain sometimes needs to be pulled back into the now and refocused on the good that I have in my life... not constantly allowed to wander into the realms of disaster. That may sound a bit dramatic, but I know there's a few of you reading this right now who are nodding and agreeing because you know exactly how that feels... and if not, don't worry ~ trust me when I say that you ain't missing out on anything!
So I am excitedly looking forward to receiving this gift that I bought myself and I can't wait to let you know my thoughts ♡
I am here for any of you who are experiencing depression or anxiety. If there's ever a time that you just need a word of comfort, a virtual cuddle or indeed a virtual kick up the arse to snap you out of it - I'm here
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User Image milly.payne Posted: Jan 22, 2018 4:40 PM (UTC)

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