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Chicken meatballs with mushroom gravy and mozzarella cheese on a hero with a house salad on the side #TheMeatballShop #DinnerDatesWithBigLittleSis
I decided to recreate my first date with bae for an infographic project from my Type 2 class. It was made as an infographic (hence the numbers), but for Instagram purposes I'm using the slidey thingy. Enjoy! (And stay tuned for part 2!)
Our most favorite place we ate the whole time we were there was The Meatball Shop. We loved it so much that we ate it twice! Veggie balls! Yes sir! #eatyourveggietaballs #themeatballshop #balls #nyc #chelsea #webberstakenyc #calmdowncrazy
I confessed to Rusty at #themeatballshop last night that if I were dying Rusty’s Special would be my last meal. Because it’s pretty much to die for. Tonight’s dinner: the left over risotto with extra spice... almost as good cold in my hotel room.
미트볼!! 꺄르!! 같이 나온샐러드에 무화가가 한가득 #themeatballshop