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lol not even two pictures in and i give up on my "theme" but THE SKY WAS REALLY PRETTY
What's your fav song off The Age Of The Understatement? I gotta go with My Mistakes Were Made For You it's such a classic!
About as subtle as an earthquake, I know,
My mistakes were made for you...💕
The Last Shadow Puppets - "The Age of the Understatement" (2008) The fantastic #debut album by the collaborative efforts of #AlexTurner, #Mileskane & #JamesFord is an effortless throwback to the #sixties and to the sounds of #EnnioMorricone, #ScottWalker & #SergeGainsbourg. All of this in lesser hands might be a cheap act of hero worship, instead we have a near perfect 21st Century pop record and the soundtrack to my stormy Sunday in Wales.

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