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This week I decided to attempt the bbg guide again. I've had it for a few years and I've honestly never gotten past week 1. Ive always make excuses saying that the workouts are too advanced or they're just not my style.
Well this time I finished week 1, and I have to admit it was a wake up call. I've been working out for almost exactly three years. Some months more than others, but I've never taken more than three weeks off at most. Given that, you'd think that I'd be in decent shape. NOPE.
I struggled. I really really struggled. A lot of the exercises I thought "15 reps? 7 minutes a circuit? No big deal." but then halfway through the first circuit of week 1 arms/abs I realized how out of shape I really am.
Not only were the workouts a wake up call, but so were the before pictures. Those were pretty brutal to look at. I'm not going to post them yet because honestly I'm embarrassed about what little I have to show for the last three years of minimal effort. But I promise to update as the weeks go by.
Week 1 was hard but I'm determined to keep going. I don't want to be sitting at the same 175lbs I have been for the past two years, I truly want this time to be different. #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgweek1
Oktoberfest!! This outfit proudly sponsored by @kayla_itsines 😂😂 only in my wildest dreams could I have worn this before BBG. Had such a great day feeling happy and body confident!
Gym was closed today, so I opted for a quick 30-min @fitnessblender Lower Body HIIT & Strength workout at home. One of my favorite things about Fitness Blender is they don’t just focus on working out your exercising your muscles, they focus on exercising your brain too. Like throwing in this weird Butterfly Glute Raise 🤔 My brain was like, “Wait, what?! Ok...I think I got it now!” It’s fascinating to me seeing your body try a new exercise (even if it’s a slight variation of one you frequently perform), and your brain struggle to catch on...even if it’s just for 30 seconds or so. Just a friendly reminder to y’all (and myself!) that this amazing fitness journey we share together isn’t just about our outward appearance 🙃
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Today I made a really nice stir fry with seared chicken on top. I used a whole bunch of different vegetables and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Here's what I used:
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Just a little bit of hibiscus tea with a dash of honey; turned iced this afternoon 👌🍇🌸 #lovemesometea
Anyone else obsessed with tea too? Helps me when all I want is junk food 😂 Drop your favorite flavor in the comments below 👇
6 months ago you wouldn’t catch me in the bar on a Saturday afternoon having a burger and a beer. I gave up a lot, said no a lot, and missed out on a lot just to maintain the body I wanted.

Today I chose to have a sweetest day date with my dad and had some “memory pounds”. I know you can’t out exercise a bad diet, but a little cardio today left me feeling guilt free.
October in the books & definitely one to remember 🤗💛 thank you to everyone who came out this morning to sweat with @caritobbg & I!!! We had the best best time & cannot wait to do this with you next month! 💛💛💛
Special thank you to @ohhellohair / @rxbar / @hickies / @adelantestudios & of course @bbg_community x @kayla_itsines 💕 Thank you to all you girls for slaaaaaying it this morning!! I truly love these Saturday AM sweat sessions 💦😛💪🏻 #bbgnyc
I love doing life’s adventures with you and it just keeps getting better 💕
Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon for some #Liss in the park. Week 2 done! ✅💪🏼
Whenever I feel stressed or worried, I like to focus on other things. Today those other things include working on my coaching business, cleaning our house and some good ol fashion football {Go GREEN!}
Life has thrown some curve balls lately and I am probably the least patient person when it comes to learning life’s lessons. So I am focusing on what I CAN control and filling my organizational cup up! 🙌🏼
What do you do when you’re stressed?

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