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User Image halph_moon Posted: Dec 15, 2017 10:40 PM (UTC)

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So Black Thought broke the internet with his freestyle with Flex. I honestly don't understand why people are so shocked. Have they been listening? For the past 20 years? I guess not. Black Thought is as vital a lyricist to hip hop as cylinders are to engines. More people should understand that by now. It's almost embarrassing that they don't. I was worried being on Fallon would make The Roots seems like these affable "hip hoppers", making them more palatable to America. The caliber of the musicians and talent that they've had in their band through the years is amazing. @stroelliot being the latest addition. It reminds me of the big band era. "...Don't you know that things go in cycles..." ©Q-Tip. @questlove's impact on the culture is...immeasurable. The Roots are part of the fibers that spun the space-time fabric of my teenage years. Yes, they're a band. But it shouldn't take a Black Thought freestyle for people to remember they're HIP.HOP. through and through.
#steadysoulmobbin #theroots #questlove #blackthought #philadelphia #okayplayer #thehypnotic #illadelphhalflife #art #classic #love #moon #tagblender

Album: Illadelph Halflife
Artist: The Roots
Song: The Hypnotic (feat. D'Angelo)

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User Image lt_sage_1111 Posted: Dec 13, 2017 2:30 AM (UTC)

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Beyond being infatuated - spiritually intoxicated
Calm, sedated- I concentrated
On how to get in touch with her
Cuase the fact of the matter remain that I miss the hypnotic..... #theroots #dangelo #thehypnotic #hiphop #vibe
Released in September 1996, the third album from the Roots. I’m a little undecided if this or ‘Things fall apart’ is my favourite Roots album although the latter does play the part of a perfect sequel to this. For this album they switched it up, they incorporated samples into the live instrumentation and it gave it a more authentic feel than previous releases with Black Thought and Malik B also stepping up their rhyming skills. The now iconic ‘Clones’ led the way as the first single, an all it cypher with Dice Raw and M.A.R.S. Other guests only were selected perfectly to complement the overall feel of the album with Raphael Saddiq on ‘What they do’ Common on ‘UNIverse at war’ and Q-Tip on ‘Ital(the universal side)’. One of my favourite tracks is the second single ‘Concerto of the desperado’, an opera singer is interwoven with a mystical sample for @blackthought to rap over, this one is often underrated @questlove
#theroots #1996 #illadelphhalflife #clones #whattheydo #concertoofthedesperado #panic #universeatwar #thehypnotic
User Image lt_sage_1111 Posted: Oct 24, 2017 2:01 AM (UTC)

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But as time float on we grew more mature - and further apart #theroots #dangelo #thehypnotic #vibe #classic