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the Danish vagabond,
"The Greeter" of Laguna Beach,
shaggy-haired, heavily bearded always grinning, waving and booming "Halloo-oo-oo!" to visitors and tourists...
He suggested that his single gesture of goodwill had a ripple effect, saying, "Too many people driving along the highway are frowning and look unhappy.
By waving, I make them smile and thousands of people have a happier day before them."
Years later, he said,
"I don't care who they are – they all respond to goodwill. Some don't speak English, but they understand anyway." -Wikipedia
I think he'd be the best model person
for all CA12-crew during boarding! Sana lang magaling din sya at hindi reklamador sa iPads
(Yari nga lang sa grooming check 😬) #BPA
Laguna Beach, CA
11 September 2016
His nickname was "The Greeter" he fell in love with the city of Laguna Beach and they fell in love with him. He now has a restaurant in his memory, at his corner where he stood for 30+ years waving to people because he said, "They may think I'm crazy, but when a motorist comes to town weary of the traffic and smiles when he leaves does it matter what they think?" His story is touching, inspiring and worth the read. Google: The Laguna Beach Greeter #thelagunabeachgreeter #travel #thegreeter #traveler #thegreeterscorner #travelmore #lagunabeach #travelstoke #californialove #inspiringpeople #touchingstory #worththeread #waving #justbeacuase
Good morning from The Greeter's Corner restaurant! 🍷😝😬🍳💐☀️🌈 having a chardonnay instead of coffee 😁😛goodmorning #laguna beach #thegreeterscorner #avocadoomelette

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