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Last day boy's day out with the homies~~~
My phone decided to take nap at the last vid coz lack of memory space bruh~~~ #igsg #sgig #holiday #7'c

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1st : #thegreatspyexperiment - Litmus
2nd : #epikhigh - Fly @epik__high
3rd : #xxxtentacion - Look at me @xxxtentacion
4th : #googoodolls - Iris @googoodollsofficial
5th : #foofighters - Pretenders @foofighters
6th : #greenday - Boulevard of broken dreams @greenday
“I’ve been a part of Singapore’s music scene since the 90’s, and I think it’s more promising than ever. There's a lot of support, and the musicians themselves believe in their music. They also understand that marketing and the business aspect come into play, so it’s a whole package, not just creating music alone.”
Read more from Khairyl on #Shentonista at the link in our bio.
We spent an afternoon with rockstars who’ve grown up. This is Khai and Mag, formerly of @TheGreatSpyExperiment, and currently, educators who are affecting change from within the system. We learnt more about the challenges they face: the kids in school their hearts break for, the misconceptions that teachers have to deal with, and the passion project they lose sleep over in the hopes of raising awareness for their daughter’s condition.

Read the full feature on @Shentonista today.

#UOBOneAccountxShentonista #UOB #shentonista
“Our elder daughter has a rare genetic disorder which affects her muscles and motor skills. Our dream is to have a room that’s specially tailored to her needs; one that comes with a ramp and an ensuite toilet with handles so she can take a shower by herself. We really want a place where she can manoeuvre independently by herself.”
Khairyl and Magdelene met in the National Institute of Education 13 years ago. In that time, they’ve become teachers, travelled the world with the band they joined together, and also become parents. It’s been one unexpected journey, and they share more in our UOB One Account x Shentonista campaign at the link in our profile.
#UOBOneAccountxShentonista #UOB #thegreatspyexperiment #riotinmagenta #Shentonista #theuniformsg
“Teaching is a very personal career; you have to welcome these kids into your heart. You only have one heart but there’re hundreds of students; out of the hundreds, maybe ten will make you smile while the rest will break your heart. In that sense, you need to have patience, tolerance, and a lot of love to give.” Khairyl and Magdelene have been teachers for over a decade, and though they might be better known as former members of local indie band The Great Spy Experiment, most of their time is devoted to work or to the care of their two young daughters. We speak to the couple in our UOB One Account x Shentonista campaign to find out what they’re working for; read more at the link in our profile.
#UOBOneAccountxShentonista #UOB #thegreatspyexperiment #riotinmagenta #Shentonista #theuniformsg
Throwback to 10th April 2012, mastering the great spy experiment with Greg Calbi #sterlingsound #thegreatspyexperiment
Who the F are The E's? Highlight of the night for their one and only show Hint: #thegreatspyexperiment
Found an even older stash of photos from Baybeats 2012, this one is of the great spy experiment. At this point in time I had only been in Singapore for 4 months and this was my first exposure to #sgmusic. Also, i shot this on a borrowed dslr, I had no money to buy my own camera at the time as I had just relocated. I would buy my own camera a few months later (and the rest is history lol). I remember quite clearly digging the #GSE sound + one other local artist I'm going to post soon. #baybeats #flashbackfriday #sg #music #musicphotography #thegreatspyexperiment
Burn when I shiver. Didn't a popular pop song pretty much copy this whole song? #Thegreatspyexperiment