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#TODAYSTREATTOMYSELF IV NEEVVVEERRR SEEN #TheExorcist nor #ChildrenOfTheCorn noooor #Shocker cause I don't watch scary movies on TV BUUUT TOONIIGHT I'll be watching #THEVERSIONYOUVENEVERSEEN !!! I had to for .50¢ each! Whos watching with me ??? #HORRORWHORE
Will Grace welcome her new sister? Find out TONIGHT on a ghastly new episode of The Exorcist FOX. #TheExorcist on FOX 4!
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1) O filme It passou a bilheteria histórica da adaptação cinematográfica de The Exorcist #sqn Ajustando à inflação, a obra de William Friedkin ainda é o terror que mais arrecadou no mundo todo, recorde desde 1973. Mais do que filmes, tornaram-se eventos de cinema em um gênero difícil.

2) O romance de William Peter Blatty é uma aula de suspense, como detalhei em "Como chegar ao clímax". O segredo está na preparação, na paciência e no foco. Recomendo!

Pôster fantástico de @hydrology
Background: @groosheck
“That’s much too vulgar a display of power, Karras.” Well I promised a #Reagan from #TheExorcist for you on #FaceFriday, so here she is. I didn’t do the extensive brow piece because I wanted to keep this look still somewhat pretty and feminine. @thereallindablair’s transformation was one of the first memorable scenes from a horror movie that left me with a desire to understand how people created such marvelous and scary looks. Please excuse the uncomfortable face. (There was a hair in my contact but I really just wanted to get a picture before taking them out 😂😂) The great thing is, I literally bought 0 things for this #makeup.

My contacts are @ohmykitty4u white mesh screen.
Wig was my leftover D.Va wig.
Facial wounds weren’t made with scar wax but with @bennyemakeup liquid latex and everything is covered in their Clown White grease paint and then built upon that.

The lighting here makes it a bit hard to see but my face is actually a mix of jaundiced yellow, green, and grey with pink, purples, and reds to accentuate the wounds.

I wish I had more time this month between being sick and prepping for @steelcitycomiccon for Halloween make up. Sorry guys!

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✖️ The Exorcist ✖️
My best friend makes a pretty hot possessed girl 😂 I used liquid latex, @bennyemakeup cremes & stage blood, and @maccosmetics eye shadows 💀
#TheExorcist has just been UNLEASHED on the West End for the very first time! We can’t wait to hear the screams... #scary #horror #theatre #westend #london #trailer #ianmckellen #exorcist
About to watch the opening night of the Exorcist at the Phoenix... help me! 😳😳 #phoenixtheatre #westend #theexorcist

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