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"Quando non ci sarò più, non cercatemi dietro al marmo freddo di una tomba, cercatemi tra le rose… Quando non ci sarò più cercatemi nelle fotografie, cercatemi fra i miei libri, fra le mie poesie, le mie canzoni, fra la mia musica. Cercatemi fra tutte le cose che amo di più, perché solo in queste cose… troverete la mia anima." #jimmorrison #thedoors
Rear Admiral G.S. Morrison, father of Jim Morrison, was head of a Naval Task Force closest to the USS Liberty. He immediately scrambled fighter jets from the USS America, which was only 15 minutes away, to engage the Israeli jets that were attacking the USS Liberty. The order was then countermanded by Chief of US Naval Forces in Europe, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., who was the father of US Senator John S. McCain, III.
Rear Admiral Morrison was the youngest person to reach such a position in the Navy, but he was never given another promotion after the USS Liberty incident. Many people believe that his Naval career effectively ended at that time because he wanted to protect the USS Liberty, attack Israel, and set up an embargo of Israel.

In an interview they discuss Jim Morrison's death as a possible retaliation for his father's desire to bomb Israel. They discuss some important information about the attack and Israel's history of trickery, such as when a few Jews disguised themselves as Arabs and detonated bombs in the King David Hotel in 1946. However, despite their willingness to expose Jewish crimes, near the end of the interview, at 6:25, the interviewer concludes that it is possible the FBI under its COINTEL program killed Jim Morrison. He shifts attention from Israel and the Zionist Jews to the FBI, and does not encourage people to consider the possibility that Jews were involved with Jim Morrison's suspicious death.
Another article claims that Adm. Lawrence Geis says that his orders to stand down came from Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, and that Pres. Johnson did not care if the Israelis sank the ship. Johnson supposedly justified his lack of concern as "We are not going to embarrass an ally". #ussliberty #jimmorrison #thedoors #murder #johnmccain #traitor #conspiracy #suicided #usarmy #navy #marines #wakeup #thetruthwillsetyoufree #cointel

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