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IU and Seo Taiji sang a song in 2014, called Sogyeokdong.
By lyrics you will think it's only a love song, but if you know the Korean history you would not say the same.
The area itself has been very close to political scenes including the residence of the South Korea president.
But back in 1980s, there used to contain the offices of military work, which also involved Gestapo-plus-big brother work. Under the management of Chun Doo-hawn's military government, many had been taken away and tortured for speaking against him (especially after Gwangju Massacre) or just having a different view.
The lyrics reflected a sense of fear and helplessness toward the situation, plus the fact that liberty and rights are fragile like chinas.
That reminded me of The Disappeared in Argentina, during the government of Videla & co. many had been killed or disappeared. There were also articles of children being taken away from those prisoners and sent to families military personnels, so the children will grow up with "purified" mind. I was horrified to read that, when I discovered the historical event via Margaret Atwood's chunky version of The Handmaid's Tale from vintage books. All of a sudden, a part of me felt myself lucky to be able to speak out loud of things I am not ok with. "Freedom and rights are fragile like chinas, take years to build and take hours to break."