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It's Fall World Series week, which caps what has been a productive fall practice period. The three-game series starts Friday at #TheCliff!
Beautiful crispy tater tots covered in famous Burger and Beyond aged beef, diced onion and American cheese! Cheeseburger tater tots!
I…feel like my performance could've been FAR better, but yeah: This is a very, VERY brief tribute (Утёс, or "The Cliff", the opening few words) to Leonid M. Kharitonov, whom died to his 5th heart attack on 19 September, 2017, in Moscow, Russian Federation; he was born Леонид Михайлович Харитонов (Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov; closest English version of his name would've been "Leonard Michaelsons Harrisons") in Irkutsk, Soviet Union, 18 September, 1933. He was a legend, not only for his world-renowned deep voice that of a lion, but for encouraging soloist singing in the Soviet Union and beyond. However, I'm truly uncertain as to if my tribute was good or bad, and which I pray the former to the latter…may he rest in peace, and may he be singing his voice to the Almighty if that exists, for if that does, said Almighty would be greatly amazed by him.


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