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Look what I found @melissamccarthy! I found your star while I was in Hollywood! It was such an honor working with you in @thebossmovie!! Lots of love💓💓💓 - Love @xoeayana❣️
User Image julien68455165 Posted: Aug 16, 2017 2:51 PM (UTC)

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Happy birthday to American actor Parker Young (@parker.young), who is celebrating his 29th birthday today. He is known for his role as Ryan Shay of the ABC #suburgatoryseries. He was a model for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Parker recently played the role of Randy Hill in the #enlisted 🎉📽🎬🍸🍾🍰 #parkeryoung #actor #american #29thbirthday #today #birthday #party #movies #series #polismovie #david #4thmanoutmovie #chris #thebossmovie #moisa #daysofourlives #deliveryman #suburgatory #ryanshay #csiny #thadwolff #enlisted #privaterandyhill #arrow #alexdavis #imposters #richard
User Image zackiezachattack Posted: Jul 7, 2017 11:00 PM (UTC)

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Got my 43rd, 44th, 45th and 46th Blu-rays and a DVD for 2017. 😊 The Boss: Cute and fun. (3.5/5) Silent House: Like it; creepy. (3.5/5) The Hangover: Finally saw it; really liked it. (4/5) Horrible Bosses 2: Fun sequel with these 3 hotties. (3.5/5) Got Shriek: If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th: Funny/ridiculous parody. Always liked it. (3.5/5) Good day. ❤ #blurays #dvds #movies #thebossmovie #silenthouse #thehangover #horriblebosses2 #shriekifyouknowwhatididlastfridaythe13th
#tbt Remebering Exxcel's Atlanta, GA talent, Icy McFall, working on set of Melissa McCarthy's hit film, The Boss. @melissamccarthy @thebossmovie #exxcelmodelandtalent #exxcelinspires
User Image xoeayana Posted: Mar 22, 2017 9:29 PM (UTC)

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Tune in to watch Shots Fired tonight and all season. My brother Xavier @ziggytherockstar is on this show. 😎😎
User Image jay_earp51 Posted: Feb 13, 2017 1:22 AM (UTC)

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Don't Laugh challenge. Like if you laughed, comment if you didn't. #funny#thebossmovie
Dis-Honourable Mentions:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows- Definitely better than the first. Not by much. I was entertaining in Out of the Shadows and it did have some decent CGI. However, there were so many clashing stories and an overabundance of characters that turned this into a mess.
Ben-Hur- Oh god. Why did this even need to happen? Nobody asked for this. Ben-Hur was an unnecessary remake that only exists for two reasons: to showcase the famous chariot scene and for money. The chariot scene was riveting, I'll give it that; but everything about the movie felt brushed over so quickly. This should have been longer and better. Oh, and the ending. What a way to ruin a semi-entertaining movie.
The Boss- A cliched story about a CEO's downfall and their way back to the top. The Boss had me chuckling in various scenes, but everyone other than Melissa McCarthy was just lifeless with humour that missed that mark. And Peter Dinklage... What the hell was that.
Dirty Grandpa- Robert De Niro and Zac Efron do well in this comedy, but the script just repeats the same jokes over and over to the point where it feels like a chore watching the rest of the movie. There are two cop characters that also weighed this movie down heavily. Not to mention how cliche the movie is topped with a very awkward ending.

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