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Happy Birthday to my baby boy..☀️😇😘 #thebig2 ✌🏿
My nephew is TWO years old today! God Bless him! This little man is PACKED with high energy and a fearless personality. I'm excited to watch how he continues to grow. Happy Birthday stinky, Auntie loves you! #Blessed #2yearsold #thebig2 #auntiebaby #1018 #jahlil #himsocute 🎈🎉🎈🎉
The big 2! Happy birthday to our big boy!! I could go on and on about how smart and lovable you are papa! I am beyond blessed to be here and embrace every moment with you and mommy, I can’t wait for the years to come and to be able to continue watching you grow! We love you!! Happy birthday son! #birthdayboy #thebig2 #cheeser
Big Boys 1st day of preschool. Nana cried and Momma feels like she is going to throw up. Ohh the memories. I am 1 tough momma but this little one can get me everytime. #1stdayofpreschool #thebig2 #mommasboy #pleaseslowdown
Mi Sebastian ya mero cumple 3 años y esta en la edad de " soy mamon, me hacen los mandados, llorare para que me den todo, mi palabra favorita es NO, soy bien barbero con mi ama, aun sigo en la bibi, pañal y me vale winnie, me gusta jugar a las luchas, mi primo favorito es Diego, y todo es mio"... 😄😎😑😒 #toddlers #thebig2 #babysayayin
Nate got a trim and he looks so older now 😩 stop growing! Sometimes he is just too cool 😎 #nate #mybigboy #thebig2
Happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful niece Kinslee! You have grown into the funniest, most gorgeous little girl. You make me laugh like no one else could and your precious smile lights up my life. You mean the world to me kinny and I'm so proud to be your aunty #happybirthdaykinny #thebig2 #shesacharacter #loveyoumorethanlife
When you come to Park Place your lining stays fresh . Got his hair lined this past Thursday 😎#thebig2 #happybirthday
Just wanna wish my babygirl a happy 2nd birthday. Daddy loves you more than life itself. I’m so happy I get to see you grow into the smart, kind, funny, silly, and loving girl I know you are and will continue to be. You have my heart and always will. I love you so much aliana. #thebig2
Happy birthday 2nd birthday to my Adrianna Nicole. I love being your tia baby I can't believe how fast time flies you used to be so innocent and tiny, now you're walking, starting to talk and have the biggest lil attitude 😂😂 I love you babygirl happy birthday❤❤❤❤ #AdriannaNicole #TheBig2
When your babies not a baby anymore😭😭😔 the baby is 2🎈🎂🎁🎉 #anniesbday #ourbabygirl #thebig2
alee_0 2d ago
Happy Birthdaay Ava ❣️ Hope You Have An Amazing Day Princess & May All Your Wishes Come True ❤️ I Love You Baby Girl 😘 May God Continue To Bless You Until Forever 🙏🏼❤️ #BirthdayPrincess #TheBig2 #Terrible2’s
Been falling behind on my baby girl BUUUTT 4 days til Vanna Day 🎉 19 days of Savanna ❤️ #thebig2