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ole.k.f 10h ago
CognacExpo 2017
Superb expo - again. Meeting up with the producers and fellow enthusiast. Cant wait till next year 😀
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The biggest #blessings are so tiny. Here's a shot if me a couple weeks ago when my neice fell asleep right in my lap. I hold on to that feeling everytime im in a sour mood to remind myself life aint so bad! I cannot wait to have my own precious child, but in the mean time I'm gonna spoil this gorgeous little girl! #babygirl #goddaughter #ilovehersomuch #myneice #babyoaklynn #sogorgeous #4monthsold #beautifulthickhair #longeyelashes #perfectineveryway #crazyabouther #thanksforcreatingsuchabeauty #soinlovewithher #thebestthingsinlife #cuddles #babysnuggles #cantgetenoughofher
After spending a lovely day outside with some friends at the arboretum yesterday, we had one of our more challenging evenings and therefore challenging bedtimes, leaving me with that frustrated, mom guilt feeling at the end of the night. Ever happen to anyone else? The questioning of yourself, self doubt, and pessimism comes easily in times of frustration when the mind is stressed, the fight or flight response kicks in and emotions run high. In these times, it's hard for me to focus on anything but myself and how these things effect me, poor poor me. Then I come to my senses, and remind myself I am the adult and I can only control myself. I can switch my thinking and therefore switch my outlook, focus on how I can begin our days more positively and therefore start a chain reaction of gratitude and love rather than fear and self doubt. After talking it through with Bryant it clicked. Begin with joy, literally! I placed my joyful essential oil roller blend next to my bed and vowed to put it on immediately upon waking today and therefore pointing myself in the direction I wished to go today. Don't get me wrong, we still had our challenges and at least 1 really good meltdown this evening, her not me thank goodness, but tonight I feel completely different. I'm content and happy with the way I ended my evening with my daughter and I know it's because I took charge of my mind first thing this morning. I hope this helps someone that might be challenged tonight with something similar and if not at least enjoy the angel face picture I captured today that helps remind me why I have to be the best person I can!


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