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☠Warning, this shit is really violent, and I don't want to accidentally scar any of you guys. Ok? I warned you, anyways, here's my little zombie short, tell me if you, er, enjoyed it.☠ My breath was coming out rushed. I had to move quicker and quicker through the dark hallways. I could feel every single thought, possibility. My brain was keeping tabs of every way I could die as I tried to find the best way to live. I didn't know where to go. I wouldn't be accepted into anywhere. I cried out as I felt the bite pulse, the sickening venom spreading. My vision was clouding. My ears started to only hear what sounded like televisions static and far off screams of the worst kind of pain and agony. My shoulder throbbed and throbbed. I was leaning against the other one and dragging myself across the hallway now. I could feel the last ghost of hope leave my breath as I hunched over. I screamed. I started grunting as my knees fell upon the blood stained carpet, and before my head fell into death I let out a vicious laugh. A sick one, that was like the sweet feel of knife slowly sliding and twisting inside, grating itself into whatever internal organs it could find.➘
Yes. The photo in the upper right hand corner is the eaten man's face. Yes. I have been ready for this moment since I was younger and I first watched Resident Evil. Yes. I do have a steak knife in my room just for this purpose. Yes. I did spend an hour researching this. Yes. I do believe it's #TheBeginningOfTheEndForZombiesHaveCome. Yes. I would like you to tag things to that very tag so I can keep track of this. Yes. I am insane. But it's not like you guys didn't know that already, right? The time has come. ☠

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