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While it is a bit disappointing that The Shield reunion will have to wait, it is great to hear that Kurt Angle will make his return to the WWE ring this Sunday to join Seth & Dean. Also, get well soon Roman. {#rollinssociety #sethrollins #sethfreakingrollins #tylerblack #colbylopez #bitw #bestwrestlerintheworld #thearchitect #theundisputedfuture #curbstomp #redesignrebuildreclaim #kingslayer #wwe}
Kurt Angle will be teaming with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, taking the place of Roman Reigns, at #WWETLC to take on The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman, and Kane this Sunday. Also, AJ Styles will be taking on Finn Balor, replacing Bray Wyatt. The WWE App has stated the change is due to "medical issues impacting two Superstars scheduled to appear at TLC". It was reported this week that Wyatt's younger brother, Bo Dallas, is suffering from viral meningitis and there was concern that Wyatt may have contracted it as well. Perhaps Reigns did, too?
Fact: 50% of The S.H.I.E.L.D fanbase consists of FAKE fans aka bitches because the people that onced booed him are now cheering him. ☕
For the non-believers, "lets not see a reunion of the Hounds of Justice", basically what you're guys are saying is that its totally cool for an Evolution, DX, or Club reunion but not The Shield. I like all the other factions as much as you guys but damn. So I'd be considered a fake fan for being a Shield fanboy even though I'm down for any and all reunions like you guys have mentioned. "Oh, The Shield will be fun to watch for a little while" or "It would have been nice to see them reunite years later for a one-night only". We can agree to disagree back and forth all day long but y'all two faced fans change up too much for me.
Our girls showing their support for breast cancer awareness today. Boxes are still on the bar if you'd like to donate and show your support with a pink ribbon ❤

5 Legends The Shield Eliminated : List This!, pt. 3
(From WWE's official YouTube)
5 Legends The Shield Eliminated : List This!, pt. 2
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5 Legends The Shield Eliminated : List This!, pt. 1
(From WWE's official YouTube)
If I could weep tears of joy. Like FINALLY. Back together again after 3 years.

Who cares if it's all WWE-fake. Them creative directors are finally getting THIS right. I cannot wait for the next reunion match.

For when you miss your own Brothers, and watching these 3 guys will have to do. SEND IT.
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