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User Image greenarrow_lover Posted: Mar 21, 2018 11:54 PM (UTC)

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#Throwback to when Thea first found out about Oliver being the Arrow! The way Oliver stood there waiting for her to tear him apart . Was pleasantly surprised instead! (and who would’ve knew she would become speedy a few short years later.)
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Oliver Queen comes back from the dead to his hometown Starling City after 5 years. Well in actual fact we find out he didn't die on the boat he was travelling on and was actually stranded on an island 🌴. He comes back home and returns to his lifestyle of playboy millionaire and reconnects with his family which is his mum Moira Queen and sister Thea Queen, sadly his father died on the same boat him and Oliver were travelling on. But one thing has changed about Oliver he has come back with a purpose to make his City safe again and undo all the wrongs. He is in the show at first known as the "Vigilante" but later gets known as the "Green Arrow" in this mission of him saving the city he gets help from Diggle (his bodyguard who becomes a really good friend) and Felicity Smoke (works for his company as an IT tech and love intreat). Arrow has so far got 6 seasons and going strong I absolutely love the show all the twist and turns and action it keeps me on wits end (in a good way 🤗) I love how Oliver opens up and allows people in and trusts them. All the bad guys that come in are also good and it's not your typical bad guy who comes in guns blazing but it's actually through another way such as drugs, cops, the mayor, people who have been affected by the hierarchy of the city etc. Yes I would recommend you watch this and leave your comments if you've watched the show and what you love the most.

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