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Last Day- Yellow....been a fun month and I'm glad I had the chance to do it was a challenge finding the pics but I did it. May the boys win the challenge #teamrebel_june2012_potd #girlsvsboys_ru #yellow #flowers
Day 29- Birds( Mockingbird) this fascinating bird has been stalking me since last summer. I literally spent all morning searching for this bird for the challenge finally got a good shot. Anywho here ya go. #teamrebel_june2012_potd #girlsvsboys_ru #boys_photowalk_24
Day 28- Hands~ The world is in the palm of your hands you can do whatever you wish and don't allow anyone or anything stop you from reaching your goal of success.
Day 29 - Bird The kookaburra a regal little bird that has a mighty voice. Now every bird to his post.
June Day 28 - Hands - having fun at Vivid Sydney Light Festival
Testing: day 30: yellow. Proud of myself for posting each day of the challenge!
Going for something different. Day 28: Hands. Me and my girl. She's always within a few feet of me. ❤❤her!
This photo is available in my Instacanvas gallery at:
Day 30 - Yellow. Little late with IG tech issues yesterday. Bit of splash to end the month #teamrebel_june2012_potd #girlsvsboys_ru
kukieluv 276w ago
June 30-- yellow... the yellow trashcan behind the plant
kukieluv 276w ago
June 29-- bird (super late post due to some IG & internet issues)
kukieluv 276w ago
June 28-- hands .. holding each others hands