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happy #dutty19 to my sister!!!!! It's your day baby, thanks for all the love #teammindless 💛
6 YEARS OF #1 GIRL!! I remember listening to the iTunes preview of this every morning until it released! The proof of me being trash for MB is still up in the earlier posts of my Instagram and there is no shame... just a little cringey-ness😂
Good times eh? @tamiamiamiamia
#TeamMindless #6YearsofNumber1Girl #MindlessBehavior
I fell IN LOVE with these 4 guys 😍 I can't believe it's been so long since this album came out. I know EVERY song off this album INCLUDING the bonus tracks. Much love to them and I will always be a fan of these guys❤ #Teammindless
😭😭😭😭 I remember being 11 years old listening to "Mrs. Right" and watching the video over and over. I fell in love with this group. And Im so proud of the men they grew up to be. They've really changed for the better. I just pray for bigger and better things to come their way. ❤ #Teammindless #Loveyouguys 💚