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Last night was epic !! @cowboyscalgary Thank you Canada for all the love & support! Ehh 😄🇨🇦 #teammeatballs #bb19 #familia #bigbrother #goodtimes
The love was real thanks to my familia in Edmonton 🇨🇦 for coming out and hanging out with me. I will be back soon ❤️😎 Next stop ✈️ Calgary @cowboyscalgary it's going to be lit tonight #familia #bigbrother #goodvibes #bb19 #teammeatballs
I made this crossover with Josh and Gary the other day, Bc both are my favorite big brother players of all time and I'm very grateful that they both follow me bc I support them so much and I love them.

@garylevyonline @josh_martinez_

#bigbrother19 #bbcangary #bb19josh #bbjosh #bbgary #bbcan #bbus #teammeatballs #teamtruetea #bigbrother
🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Canada Don't forget I will be in Edmonton @theranchroadhouse Next Friday October 20th to turn up with all you meatballs so don't play yourself and get your tickets & get ready to get ranched #goodvibes #familia #bb19 #bigbrother #meatballmadness #teammeatballs
Happy Birthday @spmcbride1 You motivate me to be better everyday and I couldn't ask for a better best friend! #teammeatballs #letsgo #seeyousoon
Miami I love you @marlins thank you for the great time and all the fans that came out thank you for the love and support ⚾️🌴❤️🙌🏽 #bb19 #bigbrother19 #marlinspark #teammeatballs
Happy Birthday to my little meatball!!! 🤗 I cherish our special bond that all started with watching Jersey Shore! Your friendship means so much to me - you are so caring and always there for the people you love! Thank you for being a true friend to me! 💕 I hope you have an amazing day and I can't wait to celebrate!! Let's make some Ron Ron juice!! Love you meatball!! 👯🍝❤️💕🎊🎂🌺💋💖#teammeatballs
To all the ppl that lives in Miami, Josh is having his first meet and greet at the Miami Marlins stadium! @joshbb19 @josh_martinez_
Unfortunately I'm unable to go because I'm busy this Friday😔😔😔! This would have been a perfect birthday gift! But it's ok I'll go to the next meet and greet in Miami😊😊😊😊😊! #bigbrother19 #joshmartinez #lafamilia #teammeatballs #teamjosh #marlins #miamimarlins #bb19 #bbcan #Miami Follow @multifandomxgarylevy for Big brother, OK KO, Steven universe, anime, and more!
Today I witnessed something sooooooooo amazing... It doesn't happen often, but when it does it really makes you appreciate God's work. #HappyMommy
My final rankings of bb19!

JOSH- My Cuban King! I'm so happy that you Won! Not only you're the first latino to win but you're also the second POC to win! Also you have such a nice Familia and I've been so much love and support to you and your familia! Btw I also live in Miami! and I can't wait until I meet you soon! and I also tagged your familia so they can see😁😁😁! DOM& RAMSES - I love you guys so much I was sad to see you guys go I hope you guys get another chance soon!
Elena- Elena you were amazing and I love you so much and you are very pretty too!

Alex- SLAY QUEEN ALEX I REALLY Did enjoy watching you on this season and lysm😊😊😊😊! Jillian- You we're ROBBED but you're are a very nice person and you deserve another chance😀😀😀😀! Jason- Mr. Whistle nut you were a freaking comp beast and I really really loved you!

Megan- I liked you Megan even though you weren't on the season for long.
Christmas -Matt You guys were awesome and I was sad see cam go early!

Cody- I have so much respect for you
Jessica- congrats on B&B

Kevin- You we're meh but funny!

#bb19 #bb19josh #bbjosh #BB19 #TEAMJOSHMARTINEZ #bigbrother #bigbrothercanada #bbcan #teammeatballs #KINGJOSH #bbmeatball

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