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I finally reached 10k followers. Thank you everyone who is out there paying attention to the movement!! #teamlevo #levoaudio #loudd #louddheadwear #baileybrookeproductions #joeycommas #louddenough
Shout out to my new headphone sponsor @levo_audio !! Check them out. High quality Dj headphones, earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers.
so happy to warmly welcome @brookie__cookie to #teamlevo! as our new Director of Community & Events, she'll be bringing her connection magic to #locallevo and some new projects we have on the burner we hope you love as much as we do...
day 2 & already at home - welcome to #teamlevo @brookie__cookie, our new Director of Community & Events! #staytuned for some exciting new initiatives fresh from the hands of this master community alchemist
Walk out from last nights fight, big stadium! Co main event , easy 5 nations belt chuffed👊🏻👌🏻 @mclefty1 #teamlevo
12PM (Noon) EST LeX eVo vs. LeX Prey in a 1v1 for Clan Leader add LeX_eVo on PS3 for invite. Tag ur guess #TeamLeVo
Fight yesterday in Derry atmosphere was something else😅 got the win💪 all the hard work these past weeks paying off , well done to @dmoorzeyy fought unreal , non stop , got the win as well👊👌 can't say thanks enough to @mclefty1 for all the hours put in 👌 roll on the next one April 23rd 👊👊#bluedragonmuaythai #teamlevo
current mood as our #LaunchWeek comes to a close - couldn't be prouder of team @levoleague! | photo by the talented @hannahacarpenter < double tap if you achieved something you're happy about this week! >
<double tap> if you are equally obsessed with #momofuku #milkbar #birthdaycake | #teamlevo just made a very happy founder out of me on my first day back in the ny office.