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Last year, this time. When my baby boy had little skeleton feet ☠️ They haven't grown much, but they've grown enough that we can't twin in these shoes anymore 😭
"You know when somebody criticizes you or say something behind your back. These words they say about you, it's like these words are written all over your face, all over you and then those words starts to become an echo in your own mind and then there's real risk of these words could become part of how you see yourself. The moment that you realize that you are not the opinion of somebody who doesn't know you or care about you, the moment you realize that is that you're clean." Quoted from @taylorswift
#finallyclean #taylorsays #shakeitoff #lookwhatyoumademedo #blackandwhite #photography
Finally broke out these bad boys. 6" of death. #taylorsays #skullcandy #heels

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