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User Image globalboho2u Posted: Feb 24, 2018 6:06 PM (UTC)

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On a goddess riff I guess. I've lived for #Nüüt for ages due to the wildness of Ra's calling her into existence and her so explicitly picking the human she wanted to make human life burst forth from lol. But she went wild up #onthesideofthatmountain. It was all her and #orion in #Taos.

In #Sedona this last time #kuanyin pounced on me and just loved hard...and her presence has kept itself strong #ontheedgeoftheworld. So much so the place I was last at literally was decorated with her. I slept in a bed under blankets of #kuanyin lol. That was epic.

#Pele though? This is suddenly different. It was initially one thing. About her and I. Now It feels like She's asking for the return of blood whose story has more in common with hers via me in this pull.
And part of me is hotfaced, like #whatmakesyouthinkhedcomeifidid? &the other aspects of me are looking at the Sims in my lifeline and are unequivocally like #iwouldntgoeitherthoso... Because God & i have spoken deeply on this topic. For me? My funerals happened long ago at His behest so I could be who God sent me here to be. & Only we know the conversations with God we've privately had. That's not cold. What I've let the sunset on was cold lol. That? Its a sign of deciding to live and love Life. But I've recently faced that I had been holding back on what I was sent here to do, protecting that coldness. What happens after closure? #itsalltenderlyasked
User Image taoslandtrust Posted: Feb 24, 2018 5:49 PM (UTC)

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Maya Anthony and Kristina Ortez from our staff are on hand today for the town of Taos parks planning public meeting. Jim O’Donnell @huajatollas Is here too. 30-40 community members are also here. A decent but not great turnout.
User Image shed_project Posted: Feb 24, 2018 5:42 PM (UTC)
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The other day I found the most delicious one seed juniper berries (cones) that I have ever had. It seems as if this strange weather is to blame. Hot days, cold nights and very little water. It’s a good reminder that time and nature ebb and flow, at times having good conditions for particular plants and not others, only to change the following year. Even in dark times there are still these moments for transitions in thought and how we perceive things around us. Excited to use these berries for tonight’s dinner and those to come.
User Image newmexicoartmuseum Posted: Feb 24, 2018 5:34 PM (UTC)

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Last one from Jonathan Blaustein (@jblauphoto) with appreciation for sharing pictures of his world. He writes: We often think of culture in the macro sense: our country of origin, or our ethnicity. But if I'm being honest, our family culture, here on the farm, defines my life more than anything. Roaming around these hills and streams made my wife who she is, and now we're sharing it with the next generation. #newmexicoartmuseum #nmartmuseum #newmexicomuseumofart #shiftinglight #newmexicoartist #artistsoninstagram #taos #hondo

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