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User Image bigbeaverdiaries Posted: Dec 11, 2017 3:03 PM (UTC)
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We had spices, wood for the meat-smoker and a dehydrator. Dusty, Karlee, Brad, and I cut up the deer that Dusty had shot yesterday. -
I really knew very little about the process, but we left the deer to hang from the back legs for a full day, the cold, in order for the rest of the blood to run out of the neck where we had removed the head. On the table, we cut all of the fat from the deer. -
We had removed the hide yesterday. Between the hide and the muscle is a sort of membrane separating the two. You just pull down on the hide and use a sharp knife to touch and lightly cut against the membrane and the hide separates itself. Today, Brad said to Dusty, “You can see that the deer did not run much.” I asked how he knew. Brad pointed to the fat that is white and showed me where there was a little bit of foam. He said the foam comes from running because the deer is burning the fat. There was very little foam laying on the muscle. The foam is in the area where the membrane separates the hide from the muscle. -
We cut all of the fat off of the muscle and put it into a throw away bin. Then we de-boned, the name of the process for removing all of the eatable muscle for meat. When we had good cuts of meat, we sliced it into ¼ inch strips that we mixed with pork fat in a grinder that we also mixed with spices to make sausages. It seemed strange to be cutting out all of the deer-fat to later add pig-fat to make sausage, but Dusty explained that deer fat is dryer and pork fat is greasier which makes for better sausages.
The more you know…
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Waskatenau, Alberta, Canada.

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User Image sinerplan Posted: Dec 11, 2017 1:55 PM (UTC)
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O desafio promove o crescimento, fortalece a resiliência, forja talentos e instiga a superação de limites, muitas vezes imaginários. Sua empresa está pronta para os desafios que 2018 nos reserva?
Entre em contato conosco e veja como a Sinerplan Estratégias para Pessoas pode ajudar você e sua empresa a serem ainda melhores!! #sinerplan #estratégiasparapessoas #consultoriaempresarial #desafio
User Image jakkdoe Posted: Dec 11, 2017 9:22 AM (UTC)

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This is what u call a Money Shot📸..Me & Multi-Planium / Former Bad Boy Hitmen producer @amadeuspbm after our interview I monerated for @therapfest & @dailymotion The Listening Event...Great interview..Get your popcorn & watch me work💪...STAY TUNED!!! I want to thank the few family & friends that believed in me and always was encouraging..I'm appreciative of the support...I don't forget those who was there..the ones I didn't have to ask for a repost or a like, they did it automatically to show support. Shouts to my lil cuz Tania aka Tiny T, my cuz Ash and his brother Wes..always held me down.. LOYALTY is everything to ME.. I'm just getting started again😂
Photo Credit📷: @bklyn_eye
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