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User Image nationalportraitgallery Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:25 AM (UTC)

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‘My photography is ambiguous and often does not seek to provide answers...’ Photographer @joelredman1 is taking over our Instagram account today, telling more about his entry to this year's Taylor Wessing #PhotoPrize, and giving an insight into his style and approach to portraiture. ⠀

Pictured is ‘Dareniesha at Venice’, a portrait from the series ‘Venice, California’, which is displayed in the exhibition. When shooting in Venice, Redman chanced upon Dareniesha walking along a nearby boulevard. She posed on the beach for a few shots before carrying on her way. ⠀

‘Recently I’ve found myself to be more focused on the shapes and composition of the subjects within my portraiture, the way we hold ourselves and the individuality of each and everyone of us. This I feel comes across particularly in my entry for this year’s Taylor Wessing with my portrait ‘Dareniesha at Venice.’⠀

‘I love her individuality as well as the elegance and pose with how she holds herself, she’s cool yet has a distinct beauty and posture, the softness of lighting and gentle nature of the background accentuating these characteristics.’⠀

#Portraiture #Takeover #InstagramTakeover #NationalPortraitGallery #Venice
User Image markbeattie_art Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:24 AM (UTC)

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Hi all - I’m taking over the Instagram account of @contemporary_collective for a few days.
Head over to their page and check out my latest posts. I’ll be explaining a little more about my work, the process and ideas about it. I’ll also be showing a selection of past works and letting you see new works as I prepare for @londonartfair in January 2018.
Come and join me for a few days and learn more about my work!
#LondonArtFair #LAF #LAF2018 #LondonArtFair2018 #MTB #contemporarycollectivegallery #contemporarycollective #markbeattie #artfair #takeover #artfairlondon #contemporaryart #modernart #collectart #instaart #instagramtakeover
User Image henrikblunck_dk Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:21 AM (UTC)

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Dagens nyhed: udlicitering i såkaldt OPP. Vigtigt at DSB fortsat er styrende. Kinesere kan meget, men drift af s-tog kræver speciel viden om jernbanedrift. Kan se nemt ud i Excel regneark, men tag ikke fejl. En brik der svigter...
tidligere (2/5) skrev jeg dette om billedet:
Man ved, man ikke er helt ung, når man rent faktisk husker disse S-tog, og har kørt med dem... 😎👼
Hej igen, lokofører Claus med min sidste dag på #takeover vi skal tilbage i tiden, Hellerup station 2001 kørte jeg dette fine S-tog som flere af jer sikkert husker. Skal på vagt i aften, hvor jeg vil vise mit sidste billed #dsbindefra @RepostIt_app

#Stog #DSB #tog #nostalgi @RepostIt_app
User Image southern_disturbance Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:12 AM (UTC)

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@donwon1990 my boy Don Won holding it down all the way down in South GA with the clean clean Chevy
#weaintdoneyet #morecoming #takeover
User Image contemporary_collective Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:06 AM (UTC)

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I’m the sculptor Mark Beattie (@markbeattie_art) and I will be taking over the Instagram account of Contemporary Collective for a few days.
I hope to explain a little more about my work, the process I use and the ideas behind it.
I’ll also show you sculptures that I’ve made in the past and let you be the first to see sculptures I’m getting ready for @londonartfair in January 2018.
I hope you’ll enjoy the Insta-takeover; please feel free to ask questions & I’ll reply when I can.
#contemporarycollective #LAF #LAF2018 #LondonArtFair #LondonArtFair2018 #artfair #artfairlondon #contemporaryart #markbeattie #MTB #takeover #instagramtakeover
User Image jacksonconcepts Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:03 AM (UTC)
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See you tomorrow evening for a relaxed festive [email protected] @princesandpaupersuk Castle Arcade -6 to 8pm. Complete with a drink or two, a season nibble or two, a dozen very good goodie bags and an opportunity to show your support for by bagging one of the iconic black F*CK Average Ts for a mere £20 inc a £5 donation!
User Image canonaustralia Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:00 AM (UTC)
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#TAKEOVER: 'This is another of my favourite photos, showing what it's like during Finnish Lapland in the heart of winter. What usually comes to mind when most people think about the Arctic is mounds of snow, dog- sledding and perhaps an Aurora lighting up the night sky.
These are generally the things you would expect to see when you’re in Lapland. However, if you venture high enough into the mountains during the midst of winter, then you might just find yourself immersed in a very strange fantasy world where wizard-like creatures rule the land.
This photo was taken at the peak of Riisitunturi National Park in Finnish Lapland. There had been very heavy snowfall over many weeks, resulting in deep snow- covered spruce trees.
The weather was constantly changing, with very fickle light swallowed by swathes of fog. It felt so unearthly to be up there in the frosty cold, without a single sound but my own breath as I stumbled through the snow.' - @serenavsworld, who's taking over our account this week.

my own breath as I stumbled through the snow.
INSTAGRAM STUDENT TAKE-OVER: Eefje Dagevos met haar serie Lisbon, een drieluik van analoge foto’s, die haar voorliefde voor vlakken en lijnen weergeeft. #takeover #student #photography #fotovakschoolrotterdam #lisbon #analogphotography #yellow
User Image guagethegreat Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:28 PM (UTC)

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