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[ #kellisfavouritemvs ]
this is the cutest fucking mv ever dont try to @@@@ me😩😩 taeyeon is so tiny n adorable and dean is so handsome ughhh this was such an amazing collab and the mv made me so fucking soft i was so 💗💕💞💖💗💝💞💞💝💝💘💗💓💗💞💝 the whole way through and their voices together makes me so happy
song: taeyeon ft dean - starlight
#taeyeon #kimtaeyeon #deantrbl
sksuju 16m ago
— ELF 언제나 그리고 영원히 💙
happy wednesday♡
exo-l, voting for mama opens today so
be sure to make as many accounts as
you can and start voting. if you're not sure
how to vote, follow @/exovotingteam
🍙 idol/s : heechul & taeyeon
🍡 d-123
🍥 #suju #snsd #heechul #taeyeon

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