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Semana pesada, músculos mais ainda. Mesmo assim saiu mais um treino de corrida. 8 km sendo 2 km em Z2 + 5 km em Z3 + 1 km em Z4. .
Não existe treino ruim. Ruim é não treinar ! 🏃💪🗡️☠️🙏
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Keep riding 🏅

Credit to : @bikingrepost
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@burleighswimrun putting the babes through their paces in the lead up to #noosatri 🏊🏻‍♀️💦
So incredible to see how far @ironmantri has come in the last 5 years. I remember watching #imkona on the computer when I was 14 years old dreaming of taking part in the race one day! It’s truly amazing to come to kona and watch the event take place. Not only that but the fact that for the first time @ironmantri was able to broadcast the race on live tv as well as @redbulltv. I love watching this sport grow! Can’t wait to see the jumps and bounds they make in the next 5 years! Onwards and upwards! .
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I have been documenting my #Ironman journey since April. I have acknowledged my chiropractor, my massage therapist, Physical therapist, #trisquad friends, my coach and #gosbr but I have yet to post about the one and only reason I am even able to do a Full Ironman distance race. Its because of this guy right here. He has been there to take Cash to school, pick him up from after school care, cook dinners when I have to get a swim, bike, or run after work on double workout days. He’s helped with every. Single. Thing. around the house. He pushes me when I want to give up or sleep in. He puts up with my swim, bike, run stuff being EVERYWHERE (like a crumb trail). He massages my legs and feet after a hard workout. He always listens to me go on and on about good AND bad workouts. He hasn’t once given me a hard time that this Ironman has taken over our lives (and taken away my boobs) He is the most selfless, caring, supportive man I know. I can never tell him ‘thank you’ enough for all of the sacrifices he and the rest of the family have made to support me in this crazy ass dream of mine to cross that finish line at #ironmanflorida From the full day training rides to my 8pm bed times, he has 100% been there for me. I love him more every day for it (even when I am too tired lean over and kiss you!) This morning him and Cash drove by me on their way to work and school as I was ending my 12 mile run and I could help but think how I am the luckiest girl for having a man like in my life. ❤️ When I cross that finish line, its only because @mboyle357 was in my life to make it happen #triathlon #triathlete #swimbikerun #ironmanspouse #taper #allthefeels #gosbr #IMFL
Guess what? There is no perfect time! That magical moment where everything in your life is exactly where you need it to be in order to start eating better and exercising... it doesn't exist! Start NOW. Today. Your next meal. Just START! What's one simple thing you can do right now to help move you forward toward your goal? Find the smallest possible thing and DO IT. Stop waiting around for the perfect moment because it's never going to come. Take action, be bold, and give yourself permission to go after your goals and dreams.
Bienvenido Felipe a la familia de Vittoria Helmets, Casco Chrono 2018, la respuesta para cortar el viento de forma cómoda y segura. Este es el modelo que acompañará a @fvande en la temporada 2018.
My new favorite piece of hardware. Worth all the days, weeks, months of sweat, grit, exhaustion, and pain. Celebrating in paradise isn't so bad either 😃
I ran as the sun came up and I ran as the sun went down. I love my double run days, banked 24km today with very little stress on the body 🏃🏽
✨🔥 @rhianon_n I can see #clearly now.......the bugs, suncream, sweat have gone....

Seriously best product for cleaning lenses. No more repeat cleaning to get rid of the grime, it’s gone with a quick wipe 😍
Passion • Purpose • Progress • Photo 😜 .
Got my muscles working, legs awake and busted out an awesome run today (and by that I mean a 30 min walk and 15 minute jog). Seeing progress definitely makes me me so determined to get stronger and grateful for those helping me do so. 🙌🏼
And yes I'm channeling my inner @corky93 here 😘 She sent me these socks weeks ago to match my new kit which hasn't arrived yet. But I decided I couldn't wait any longer... They are as comfy as they are cute!! 💙 #thanksamillion #freshsockfeels
Thank you @levelen4u and @livcheng for the support for our athletes with hydration mix and sweat electrolytes loss scientific testing. Even with custom made mix to match @czechchick15 electrolytes loss and carbohydrates needs.
We can’t wait for the 2018 season!
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