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User Image adorkableprincess Posted: Jan 24, 2015 10:21 AM (UTC)

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Hi @taylorswift! I hope your past couple of days have been amazing! I am apologizing in advance & I hope to go you're not judging me, but I'm a little drunk right now so I apologize for any misspellings or sentences that just don't make any sense! I'm a freshman in college! I'm still somewhat new to drinking. This is like my 7th or 8th time. I would like to say that I'm pretty good at making friends. Most of my life, it didn't matter who I as next to, I could be best friends with any one around me. Sadly in college, I don't feel that way. At my school it's actually hard to make friends. Most of my friends are the friends that came with me from high school & middle school! Most of the friends that I have made here are guys. Tonight me & my best friend here actually made friends & formed our wo squad! It makes me so happy! They're still all guys but it was really fun! I do want more girl friends & I'm trying but for now I'll stick with my squad. Tonight we just hung out in there cool dorm & eventually, much later into the night we started drinking. I hope you're not judging me! I love you so much & it would break my heart into a million pieces if you looked down on me! You're my favorite person in the world & literally remind every person I'm with how much I love you! I guess what I'm taking from tonight's experience is that I am making progress in making friends, & hopefully our squad can grow bigger! We already have a group text & we have plans for tomorrow night and we just basically met tonight! Don't let my awesome writing skills fool you, I'm drunk af, I seem to always type so well when drunk that no one can notice! But what does make me feel sad is that I stupidly left my extra set of contacts at home & my current pair started to really bother me so I had to throw them away so I've been wearing my glasses for the last 2 days. My dad sent me my extra but they haven't gotten hear cause we've had bad weather! And I have super un predictable curly hair that just looks hideous with my glasses & i feel so ugly & that makes me feel bad about myself #swiftieannissa

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