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⭐️ GIVEAWAY!! ⭐️ @vanderhoutjewelry and I are thrilled to give one lucky winner a pair of these fabulous 14k gold star huggie earrings! 💫
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@vanderhoutjewelry is an up-and-coming super cool and wearable fine jewelry brand that I am thrilled to introduce you to! These earrings perfect for adults and little ones! They are valued at $160.
IMPROV SHRED!! Live with Earth - Black Sabbath Tribute Band, at the end of N.I.B. 🤘🏻
And the verdict is *drumroll* not that bad! Don't get me wrong it's hot but I've had hotter and it doesn't last that long @paquichips #onechipchallenge #sweeps #carolinareaper
Looking for that special #GrownUpsHalloween costume. There's no better time to dress-up as someone else. #Sweeps #FreeSample #K-Y
Celebrating #GrownUpsHalloween and putting "TREAT" in #Trick-or-Treat with the #K-Y line of products. #Sweeps
@paquichips #onechipchallenge #sweeps 🔥🔥🌶🌶☠️☠️ Jackson tried the @paquichips One Chip Challenge last night. Think you can handle it?
Thank you for hosting this open mat Kompond Training center. It's good to get new looks and meet new cool friends. Jiu-jitsu allows for an unspoken trust to be formed quickly between two strangers. Thank you to all my training partners. Oss
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If you haven’t checked out my @paquichips #onechipchallenge #sweeps video then you need to jump over to YouTube and check it out. Link in bio. #themainkatie
Many years ago when I was a white belt in Jiu-Jitsu I used to look at the purple belts and see how good they were. I use to watch them win tournaments and bring home shinny medals and think “I’ll probably never be that good and probably never be able to do what they do”. I never thought in million years I’d bring home a IBJJF gold medal at a higher level. The only thing I knew was that, it was possible. I knew if I didn’t quit that possibility could become a reality. I’m not the greatest, not the fastest, not the most athletic person but I’m a person that believes in possibilities. If there’s even a 1% chance that you can turn a dream into reality, then never give up, never stop trying because the possibilities are endless ✌🏾🥇💯