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User Image missangest Posted: Mar 20, 2018 4:06 PM (UTC)
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DONE! It's mandatory for me to complain about my taxes every year, but then again, me having to pay is usually a sign that my business is going good because I'm earning more than the preliminary taxes I've paid. And to be fair, while I had to pay a pretty big amount for my budget, this is the first year where I haven't had to take money from my savings account to pay the taxes so I'd say I'm doing just fine after all! 😁

Now for the picture, look at that adorable little sheep plushie! I've seen it at Flying Tiger for weeks and I've just been unable to let it go. It really reminds me of something really nice.

Back about when I was... 10 or 11 I think, my sister got a little dog. A Sheltie called Jonathan. While it was her dog, I enjoyed taking him out for walks and watching him every now and then, he was such a good dog.

Now this one time, my sister got a souvenir in the shape of a little sheep plushie. If you didn't know, Sheltie is short for Shetland Sheepdog. Jonathan... hated this sheep plushie and it was hillarious. 😂 We named it "bää bää" and every time we brought it up and said "BAAAAAAH", Jonathan would go nuts, run around, bark at it and everything. One morning, we woke up (we shared room at this time)... and it was white fluff all over the floor... and one heck of a proud dog in the middle of it. Bää Bää would hurt nobody anymore... 😂😂 Sadly, Jonathan passed way too early in an accident. After that, I never really felt that any dog was the same. He was a very special dog.
Today I decided to finally get this new "Bää Bää". Jonathan passed about 11 years ago now and I have since quite a good while back realised that getting another dog never means to replace a passed one. I will save this plushie and when the day comes when I will finally get my own dog, the dog shall get this. I'll make sure to replace the plastic eyes though to be safe, I'll sew on fabric eyes instead!
The spirit of Bää Bää shall live on with the doggos we still have with us on earth ❤ (and cattos, Nils has already punched Bää Bää multiple times, what a cruel fate a Bää Bää lives...)
Вот мне интересно. Среди вас есть почитатели какой-то конкретной кухни: итальянской, японской, азиатской, скандинавской, французской, восточной или может быть мексиканской или ещё что покруче?
Я вообще люблю еду💛 но при этом, к еде я крайне притязательна. Какие-то конкретные продукты я совершенно не употребляю (например молочные, болгарский перец, да и вообще любой вид перца, баранина и в принципе стараюсь мяса есть как можно меньше, только рыбу и курицу...), зато другие могу есть бесконечно (сыр в любом виде, маринованные огурцы, овощи и фрукты...). Из разных кухонь мира, у меня нет особых предпочтений я бесконечно люблю и итальянские пасты, пиццы, десерты; роллы японской кухни, восточные хачапури также способны свести меня с ума...какие-то чудеса творит со мной и любимая греческая кухня - это мания и волшебство для моего желудка❤️ и т.д. Конечно в идеале, мне хочется попробовать все любимые блюда на их исторической родине, чтобы ощутить ту гамму вкусов и эмоций, которые вкладывают в них (блюда) местные жители.
User Image miizing Posted: Mar 20, 2018 4:06 PM (UTC)

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User Image sashasreact Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:45 PM (UTC)

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how gorgeous is she omg
User Image ccoostii Posted: Mar 20, 2018 4:01 PM (UTC)
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White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes ❄️ 🇭🇺 #budapest
User Image Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:39 PM (UTC)

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User Image elsaabrass Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:43 PM (UTC)

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Lite te en bok och andra saker som såg bra ut på bild.
User Image blondee_424 Posted: Mar 17, 2018 8:26 PM (UTC)
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Relaхιng тoday 😊
User Image memy_fiore Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:35 PM (UTC)
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