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#OOTD #ootdfashion #selfie #selflove #asian #swag #cpcteacher #cpcfeature #fridayselfie #fashionph #fashion #menstyle #swaggram #swagger #skinnyjeans #cool #asian #scienceteacher #englishteacher #submissive #submissivebaby #mikee_arches #fashionpolice Being a teacher doesn't mean that you have to be outdated, you have to be boring or too serious all the time. Teachers too are once young people ourselves. We too just like our students.. play sports..we too love music.. play musical instruments.. we too dance.. we also use apps and social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc even way before are students started using them. We were once young people ourselves and we have done and still do lots of things that the youth of today are still doing like playing mobile games.. Watch good movies and tv series (act, declaim, orate, draw, play sports, sing, dance, etc.) You see.. like the youth of today.. some teachers still watch anime, draw and we also know how to relax, pamper and reward ourselves. We too are still a lot like you.. may mga talents, skills and hilig din pala sina ma'am and sir ng kagaya sa inyo. Age is just a number.. we still are young at heart.. and we didn't loss these skills, talents and mga hilig. We have also experienced things that you are experiencing now like teenage problems and highschool dramas.. So you know, we too can relate to you.. more than you know. So don't hesitate to open up. HANDA KAMING MAKINIG SA INYO. SA ESKWELA, KAMI ANG MAGULANG (PARENTS) NYO.
I heard you are a player,
Well nice to meet you we are the coach!
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