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The barbarians at the gate.

At some point in time i wanted a #yatch but no more, anyhow I dont know if they teach this in ivy league schools like #havard or those #MBA problems, i mean programs, but theres a time for everything and theres cycles in life, in business, relationships etc failure to understand those cycles will arrest your developments, growth and you'll lose money. Even the bible is smart enough to know that, with that said speaking from an investors perspective, theres a time to invest, generally when the price is good, preferably low, the market is depressed, asset prices are depressed, if its real estate at the right or A location, at the right price and the right time. You dont buy when everyone is selling or when the prices have peaked, you sell when everyone is buying, like you cant invest in a property in #California or the UK at this point in time or anywhere within the EU, neither can you set up shop in the EU with the tax witchhunt going on, the EU is broke and desperately needs money and businesses and property taxes will be the first casualties(ask Jeff from #Amazon or the #google guys), mrs merkel has already raised property taxes on #Germans and considering environmental ones lol, with that said there are cycles in any #business, #economy, politics, industry or #entrepreneurship, knowing when to start and to sell or exit is very important. You dont learn that in school or books the market tells you that. Note that no low prices can ofset high taxes or rates, high levies etc. However you can set up shop in the #UK and be based there for your #European operations, taxes are not that good but its better and safer than the EU, where you not sure of the future. You dont just buy because its real estate or a #silliconvalley startup youll get burned, as it is a lot of businesses and startups are moving out of sillicon valley to other states. Even #Australia(that place with lotsa kangaroos and ex bitter south africans lol) raised taxes on foreigners lol so if you dont understand market dynamics and cycles you in for a rough ride lol. #opinion #investments #investors #property #realestate #startups #eu #pitch #superyatch #wisdom #humour
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