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Sunset through a crystal ball.
It’s a sea globe, like a snow globe but much warmer. This morning was cold enough to see our breath when we got into the dinghy. I’m dreaming of the heat and it’s only the first cold we’ve had.
Tag a friend who would put this on their mantel.
"There is nothing that cuts you down to size like coming to some strange and marvelous place where no one even stops to notice that you stare about you."
~ Richard Adams: Watership Down
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Das war gestern, als ich mit meinem Geologen-Bruder die Wüste zwischen Marsa Alam und Assuan erkundet, wilde Kamele und Wüstenfüchse beobachtet und mit den Beduinen Hibiskustee und eine Zigarette geteilt habe.
Ich mag die Wüste sehr, sehr gern.
Nirgendwo sonst fühlen sich meine eigenen Gedanken so leise an. Nirgendwo sonst verblassen diese furchtbar albernen Sorgen, die man sich so von morgens bis abends macht, schneller am Horizont. Und nirgendwo sonst strahlt der Himmel nachts heller.
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•92 days🤗💍• although tomorrow is our technical 2 year anniversary, it was 2 years ago today our body language completely changed, our relationship changed, and little did we know then, our whole lives changed. I am so proud to have fallen in love with my best friend & the best father I could ever ask for. I am truly so so blessed for the love we share and life we are building together. Happy "almost" 2 years, my King👑😘💕 #engaged #almostanniversary #twoyears #thestartofforever #myking #sunsetaddicts #throwbacktothebeginning

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