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A GAROTA DO LAGO de @charliedonlea @faroeditorial
Meus queridos, gostei muito deste livro! Foi maravilhosamente escrito! Quem me conhece sabe que eu me amarro demais em suspense e o Charlie sabe como prender o leitor numa trama bem amarrada. Nossa protagonista, Kelsey Castle, repórter, fodona, convalescente de um terrível trauma, vai até encantadora Summit Lake ( é realmente encantadora! Eu pesquisei no Google) , investigar a morte da estudante de direito Becca. A garota não tinha inimigos, mas foi assassinada de forma brutal! Becca era como qualquer garota, tinha sonhos, amigos, aventuras, mas quem a odiaria a ponto de cometer tal brutalidade? Um estranho numa pequena cidade? Um conhecido? Quais segredos ela poderia esconder? São respostas que Kelsey busca, e ela vai encontrar! Mas genteeeee a verdade é terrível! .

Siga a fotógrafa: @livros_cores_epoesia
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One of my favorite pictures to date! But I have a few special shoutouts to make really quickly! The first would be to @drone_wear for the amazing line of T-shirts they have made! I love my shirt and will be posting a few pictures here in the next coming weeks! The second shoutout would be to @onlyhisreach and @aaronrasch for the constant support of the #summerof58documentary starring Chase Gibson of @hikeforhope that is still in production! Let me tell all you beautiful people the amount of work we all have put in would not be possible without @carbontaps, @thesourcedenver and @boxcarcoffeeroasters! They have provided the space to create a plan, and schedule for our shoots with their calm and relaxing atmosphere. It gave us the calming effect of the waters in this picture, without the altitude change, or the cold weather. They also have given us an amazing opportunity to taste some of the best local coffee around the Denver area! If you are in need of that type of space, go check them out! You will not be disappointed! ~Calm Waters~ #hikeforhope #coloradophotography #denverphotographer #rockymountains #bigmikesphotography #summerof58 #worldvision #worldchanging #colorado #mountains #coffeetime #coffee #coffeeshops #drone #dronewear #dronefootage #onlyhisreach #filmwork #filmography #videography #videographer #summitlake
I'm always conscious of losing followers on instagram and I notice it happens particularly often after I've posted something more personal about my life like I did the other day. In supporting #metoo and sharing my story, or really any story that involves more than a quote or pretty photo, I know I'm taking a risk. I once wrote a blog about why people should be happy to pay for an adventure retreat after being inspired by a girl commenting on my posting of my retreat. She was complaining my prices were too high and de-valuing my business. This blog never named names and wasn't even targeting this person, just some writings from my thoughts about in general that guides or adventure trips aren't worth paying for. This stranger somehow found my blog (I believe by a third party) and then reposted my blog on the site I listed my retreat. She said some horrible nasty things about me and caused a tidal wave of people in turn cyber bullying me. One girl even said she was going to contact everyone I was an ambassador for and let them know how horrible I was. All for writing on my personal blog. ▪️
All this is to say that any time I put myself in the public eye I know I open myself to judgement. But in the end my instagram and blog aren't here to please anyone else. They're my truth, my stories, and no one can tell me how I should feel about my experiences. I won't stay silent just because my truth doesn't please everyone or fit in their preconceived mold of who they think I am. ▪️
In the end I want my authenticity to shine through. I want that to be what brings people to my retreats and classes and companies that ask me to be an ambassador. If you are in my presence I'll treat you with love, light, compassion and kindness. If you come on my adventures I promise it's always a judgement free zone and space for everyone to be themselves. ▪️
I know people have unfollowed or blocked me because they don't like a post or blog or anything else about me and that's ok. There's space for those people as well. If you just want a feed full of beautiful photos and no truths maybe I'm not the page for you. I've got much more to offer than that...
▪️📸 @jessica.missun
Meet Waffle and her best friend Chicken. Trail dog from day one 🐶❤️🏔🏕#California
Capturing the essence of Alaska! Alaskan Mist the fragrance. The vibrant fireweed is infused in our fragrance with notes of berries blended with burst of citrus in our Alaskan Mist. Don't miss the trip of a lifetime, enter our contest for your chance to win a cruise for two! Click the link in our bio for more details. #welivelovetravel
#Repost @waltworld1 ・・・
this is Summit Lake on The Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. 🇺🇸 #landscape #kenai #summitlake #kenaipeninsula #alaska #mountains #reflection #sky #clouds #water #lakes #fireweed #flowers
Waking up at 4:30 am, layering up in clothes, putting our head lamps on and heading to the trailhead to catch sunrise. About 3.5 miles of ice and snow covered trails filled with free bear pawl prints in the Black morning. But the fear of night and falling on my ass in the ice was well worth my time and energy. Keep the mind busy #summitlake
Had an awesome trip down to Summit lake Saturday! Dropped of fuel and watched a few sled videos
#alaska #summitlake #winterishere

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